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This is the 6th epic for one of my characters I’m working on, since I own both the troubador and dirge epics (in lue of me betraying again). So far the templar one has not been too bad. The easiest epic I’ve done has been the coercer one. The most difficult was probably the troubador. Or the longest in any case. The templar requires a lot of running around, looking for components to save people of course. I dislike how some epics make you pay a hefty sum of coin to an npc (it was 4p for the templar one) while others do not (the coercer paid nothing). Some of them reward house items (the templar gets a book, the troubador got a musical instrument that has a graphic effect) and others get nothing (the dirge got nothing, nor did the coercer). 

After running around talking to people, and gathering flowers, I needed to kill the mucus in Chelsith. This is where I ran into problems. Kasul and Shadowgeist were around so technically we had a group, but aside from those two not a single person offered to help when it was put out on both channels and in some alt guild channels. 

Well. I really wanted the update, so we decided we would trio Chelsith. We avoided the Leviathan named, but killed the mucus (after one wipe due to some adds) and killed each one of the Yah’li named which I’d never killed before since Petites had never been to the zone before. 

After that we managed to string a group of 5 people together to head to Unrest for one of Kasul’s epic kills. As you can tell by the screen shot above, Petites is looking so utterly cute, how could anyone kill her?! We almost wiped on that mob, I swear *grins*

We headed to Lesser Faydark for another of Kasul’s epic updates, and I would have headed to the third kill he needed, but apparently it’s two 85’s and I was unsure of whether we could trio that or not, Kasul had to get some sleep for work the next day. I headed off to Jarsath Waste to harvest some smoldering material (next portion of my own epic) and talk to a bunch more NPC, saving someone in Greater Faydark. Now I need to obtain 35 hides from drake which are an ‘uncommon’ drop, and I’ll need to kill approximately 130 or so of the creatures. Reminds me of doing my cleric epic in EQ1 and going after pearls or whatever those were (I forget the exact names). Good times. 

I stopped there for the night, figuring there’s no way I’m going to solo those creatures. I’ll wait until I get a few people to help me out so it goes by faster. 

I did get a new neck piece upgrade from Chelsith which was great, I was still wearing my Mark of the Awakened. The templar is slowly getting on par in gear, and I’m really happy about that. Love playing the class, and once I get a few more pieces of TSO gear that reduce my casting times I’ll be set. Hopefully this weekend I’ll make some heavy progress on my epic, and perhaps even finish it. We’ll see!

5 Responses to Epic Progression

  1. Kilanna says:

    Those updates in Skyfire were painful – but not quite as painful as it sounded from the write up in EQ2Wikia ….. Or maybe it was just that I had good company to kill those drake fast.

    The trip down to the bottom of Seb was fun – but again I partly attribute that to the fun company I had doing it. And boy didnt we Templars get ripped off with the 4pp we needed to pay for that elixir or what ever it was.

    Good luck with the rest of your updates – I look forward to hearing news that you have your Impact of the Sacrosanct :D

  2. Kasul says:

    Really appreciate all the epic help, and wish Stargrace could have come to Unrest for her update too. :\ We’ll go back to get it.

  3. stargrace says:

    Didn’t want to interrupt the writing. :) I always feel weird getting people to log into game just to help. If they’re already in game, that’s great, if not, I typically leave everyone be. Just how I am. :)

  4. Tipa says:

    Geez, why didn’t you get me to log in? I wasn’t doing much all night but watching movies and working on a Spellborn comic!

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