Obelisk of A and the Sunken Theater

What’s that in the sky? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Wait.. No.. it’s a barrel? ACK it’s a halfling falling from the sky! That’s right, last night was one of those rare completely awesome days in EQ2 that I love to have. Busy, and fun. It started by me completing the epic weapon on my templar thanks to Shadowgeist, a few other people from siege, and a lot of pick up folks. I had to kill some whipcrackers and a slave master in Sebilis, head back out and talk to someone in Kunzar Jungle, go back in and find a book just laying on the floor, then go some place else within the zone and take down a named. Head back out (of course) to Kunzar Jungle where I was given my new shiny hammer. It’s huge. In fact when I’m in halfling form, it’s bigger then me.

Once that was done it was time for a quick bite to eat, and then the daily double which was the Obelisk in Moors. Tap Tap, I poked Tipa on Xfire to see if she wanted to come too, I was pretty sure she’d never been there before. 

The zone went fast, it’s always been fairly quick. We did wipe once because the revolving balls were not being stepped on, but aside from that it was great. The ‘coin’ chest within the zone dropped 12 plat for us, and you can’t complain about that. I don’t think anything of any note dropped, certainly not the shield I’d really like to get. I was still happy though, it was fun. A short break ensued while a few group members headed off to raids which ended up being cancelled early, so we decided to head to Veksar – The Sunken Theater (I believe that’s the name of it, I may be mistaken). It’s the Veksar 2.0 and I’d never been there before. 

The group consisted of a shadowknight, dirge, conjuror, illusionist, ranger, and myself as templar. I was assured that I could solo heal this without too much problem, and I typically feel a little cautious towards that. Time compression eases a lot of those fears though. Ah how I love TC. 

Anyhow, we were doing pretty well. I died once or twice because of resisted taunts, and reactives pinging off. No big deal. However, we got to Lord someone-or-other and then the tank went link dead – graphic card fried. 


So I relogged over to the laptop to do the instance from there, while my computer was donated to the cause. Back in game and on with the fights. The entire zone looks like the very first version of Veksar with a few named tossed in, and you can in fact complete Veksar 1.0 quests in the 2.0 zone, go figure.

The final named is of course the dragon, and you have to defeat him three times. Like all typical EQ2 dragons he has a tail swipe, a frontal, and mean aoe’s that go off during the fight. We opened with bladedance, flanked him (except for the main tank) and after wiping once due to everyone eating the tail swipe it went MUCH smoother. Not only was the fight smooth, it dropped a VERY nice healer charm item for me. It has 155 power, +75 to heals, +2 heal crit, and 25 wis / 25 stam. Very nice item to add to my collection. Aside from that, nothing of note really dropped. I did manage to hit 130aa on the templar – I realize I am a HUGE slacker on the questing for her, but soloing with the templar is painfully slow even with a partial dps spec. 

I’m really glad to be gearing her up over time, it’s been fairly painless. Her power is still a bit low for my liking, but she has only a few adornments. At 924 wisdom her resists are above where I need them to be and she’s got 10,000 hit points, 8,000 power (yes, that’s buffed). I’m still sporting a few pieces of the level 68 legendary gear from EoF (I was using it for the 33% casting speed increase) but hopefully I’ll be able to save up enough shards to get rid of that set all together. I’ve got a total of 4 shards to my collection thus far, I need.. well.. a lot. 

All in all, a fantastic day. I hope everyone else had just as much fun on their weekends.

1 Response to Obelisk of A and the Sunken Theater

  1. Kilanna says:

    OOOOH Yay Grats on your Epic girlie.

    *giggles* it is our lot in life to be smacked about when those darn reactives go off on the pull. Damn those resisted taunts.

    Pretty Charm …… Now I know Garudon drops that I might have to have the boys run that zone more often :D Was it you that showed me the Provisioner made charm too???

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