New Outfit and other Ramblings

Goudia managed to gain enough factions and tokens with the Far Seas division to finally purchase some new gear as well as those level 79 recipes that she can’t make yet but will be able to before too long. Have you ever wondered what those recipes (each with five charges) makes? Well, take a peek over at Kasul’s site, he has a post  all about them here. There are some pretty amazing items that crafters can make though the components are going for a fair amount here on Najena. The recipes require 40,000 faction with the Far Seas division which is not impossible to obtain but does take a little time. 

Anyhow, Goudia managed to collect her tokens and grind out five writs for faction so it was time for a new set of gear including a new black cloak. I don’t know if the pieces will actually help me craft any better, but here’s hoping. 

The little alchemist is also level 70 now, only 10 more to go! Those Far Seas instances were a LOT of help in reaching that level, and I’m looking forward to helping Nostalgia out and doing writs for the last 10 levels. We’re continuing to inch our way to level 40 which is a huge milestone for us. 

I didn’t really get any gaming time in yesterday. There are some pretty major real life things going on as anyone who follows me on Twitter knows, so I’ve been slightly preoccupied. 

Short term goals? Get the templar upgraded, work on her achievements. I still want to finish decorating the guild hall at one point or another, as well as various other homes I have in the midst of construction. This includes the necromancer one room I have in Big Bend that has been a (slow) work in progress between everything else. I’d still like to revamp Stargrace and Arysh’ homes, they’ve been the same way for over three years now and they could use a face lift. So much decorating to do and only so much time in a day!

I haven’t gotten any further with searching for a raid guild yet, then again I haven’t really looked. We’ll have to see how the real life stuff pans out first before I can dedicate the time that would be required. One of these days I WILL complete enough Moors quests to purchase the faction recipes. Maybe. 

Safe travels no matter what game you play.

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