Quiet on the gaming front

Ah yes, graphic card over heating again. As much as I love the quality and detail of the 8800 I have (I know, not that impressive) the little 7600 I had sure was sturdy. I’ve turned up the fans on the video card, but I’m reluctant to turn them up any more. I’m not a computer wiz, so it’s amazing I managed that much (with some help). The fans were barely sitting at 20% when I first fiddled. 

Anyhow. Yesterday was a fairly quiet day gaming wise. I checked sales on various characters, and bounced around waiting to get phone calls from hospitals about real life stuff going on. Interesting day. Thanks again to all of those people who have been exceptionally supportive, and please know I appreciate it so much. I don’t mean to cloud my gaming site with ‘reality’ but alas it rears it’s ugly head from time to time. 

I’ve created a coercer on the Kithicor server to play with a group of friends over there on nights when things are quiet on Najena. So far after two days I’m level 36 – the 50% bonus experience on my account due to 5 level 80’s has REALLY come in handy. As has the orb of concentrated memories that replenishes vitality weekly and the good friends grouping with me. I have some master charms waiting for me, level 33 and level 61 which I’m really eager to use, managed to get them at a steal, for 5p. There’s no difference between the 61 charm and the 74 charm aside from the extra 5 minutes that it lasts, eager, yes I am!

That was pretty much the extent of my gaming, hopefully things will settle back down into routine and I’ll have a few more interesting stories to tell. I’ve been contemplating picking up LoTRO because I’ve yet to play it or try it at all and a few friends are giving it a whirl. Haven’t quite made my mind up yet though. One of those “we’ll see” moments.

Safe travels and happy gaming no matter where you are!

6 Responses to Quiet on the gaming front

  1. martin says:

    Lotro is great fun and a very good pve game….
    Look me up on the laurelian(rp) server my name is tinraen if you need anything :)

  2. Kasul says:

    $199 for a lifetime subscription is very cool, wish more companies would offer deals like that. I think you’ll love LotRO too, just from what I’ve read of it.

  3. stargrace says:

    I ended up buying it from EBGames since I still had money on my game card there, got the complete edition that also came with all of the pre-order goodies since they had some kicking around. The nice thing is that it also included the founders prices, so $9.99 a month or $199 life time sub. Haven’t installed it quite yet, but I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl. :)

  4. Vlcan says:

    It just happens that Best Buy has it on sale this week. – The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Complete Edition for $19.99. I am thinking of getting it Sat. I am not sure if you can get this deal in Canada but it includes 30 days free game time. Maybe you can order it online form the Best buy site?

  5. Openedge1 says:

    LOTRO = You will love it…

    True PvE. Housing, Music playing, emotes up the wazoo, a very social game as well. As long as you do not have issues with UI and character visuals (and based on your previous play style, I think you are accepting of that), I actually think you will think LOTRO is heaven.

    Good luck

  6. Gnewton says:

    It’s good to have you on Kith with us Star :)

    I’ve played LotRO and am pretty sure I still have an active account… Might have to check into that. I have no idea what server I played on but I know I had a hobbit at least into his high teens, maybe even low, low 20’s.

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