Necromancer Epic – Help!

I was boxing through The Sancotrium last night with my baby coercer and a baby shadowknight when the call came out in guild, Craw was looking to gather folks together to help with Jessica’s necromancer epic. Of course I jumped at the chance to help. Due to one of “the Crew” being away for the weekend, it was discussed and decided that I would box Ellithia (75 defiler) along with playing a fury that belongs to said missing person. The rest of the group consisted of the 80 necromancer, 80 bruiser, 80 conjuror, and 80 shadowknight. First instance on the list? CoA in Sebilis. 

I was leery about boxing. Sebilis has a lot of lag from time to time and I didn’t want to kill anyone. Plus, I was using the fury as the ‘main’ healer, and since it’s not even my character that took some getting used to. I really wanted to be able to help get that necromancer a portion of her epic completed though, so off we went. 

The instance ran flawlessly, and epic bits were obtained. She also picked up an awesome caster ring which I was happy to see. After that it was time to head to Court of Korocust – also known as the zone that no one goes to any more since it’s been nerfed so many times. It took some maneuvering to figure out how the script was run and I think at one point or another Wpus broke the encounter that was supposed to port us up into the cage but it was still fun. Another necromancer epic piece down. 

We all talked for a bit about whether to bother doing Vault of Eternal Sleep, or Maidens – or just call it a night. Since I was boxing and we had no enchanter, I voted against doing Maidens. I know my healing capabilities and I just didn’t feel comfortable with it. Vaults was no issue though, and off we went. 

By the time that was completed (and another necromancer epic bit bites the dust!) it was after 1am, and I was dead tired. Boxing two characters, and two healers at that, takes a LOT out of me. It was fun in a weird stressful way but also relaxing as we all chattered on vent together. Time must have decided to fast forward a few hours because before I knew it, the clock was telling me it was almost 4am and I had better get to bed. 

It’s been a really long time since I’ve stayed up like that to game. I technically should have went to bed far earlier, but I really wanted to help out. You know when you just get that urge and you’re on a roll. 

Today, the coercer has managed to hit level 58, almost 59 in New Tunaria. I believe we’ll be making a go at Maidens (shudders) or maybe I’ll get the coercer a few more levels. Who knows!

Safe travels, no matter what game you’re playing!

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