Unrest and Nizara Bite the Dust

The night started innocently enough. I was a little worn out from leveling the coercer in New Tunaria (she managed to hit level 60, and is 4% away from 61) and was standing around the guild hall when Wpus asked if I’d be interested in helping him and Ultann out in City of Mist on my 75 defiler. Sure! Why not. I loved CoM in Eq1 and while it’s not the same (at all) in EQ2, it still brings back memories. The night was off to a great start as Wpus sacrificed himself time and time again to the great iron golems in order for me and Ultann to have a few laughs. That’s what I figured in any case. Updates were gotten and then the two looked at me, an evil grin on their face. 

“So, want to do an instance?” 

Sure! What instance? Are we going to fill out the group? 

Turned out that these two had spent some time trying to duo Unrest, “they” consist of a conjuror and a shadowknight. Being a defiler, I’d even out the group with tank dps and heals. While my two guild mates are level 80, I was still only 75, and still sporting adept1 of a few things until I got upgrades at 80. None the less, we seemed to be in the mood for a challenge, so the trio headed to Unrest. 

It was a blast. We pulled entire rooms and the mobs within the zone quaked in fear at our finesse. Ok, maybe not. In fact I actually died so many times I had to repair. We didn’t take anything seriously though and I still have the laughter ringing in my ears as I charged after The Bugaboo while I left the two of them there with a full encounter of ghosts on their hands. 

Ah, good times. 

We actually beat the zone, and then they looked at me again, and said those words I longed to hear – “What about Nizara?” 

This was actually a zone I still feared on the defiler who had never been. Once again we mended and head off – and cleared out the entire zone just the three of us, including the x4 epic and the x2 epic, and even the final named. I only died four times which was slightly disappointing, I had expected better. 

This whole experience was completely new to me. Laughing and kidding around and chattering. Taking down encounters with a less-then-optimal group. It was one of those rare nights I won’t soon forget in my gaming history and I thank everyone involved, especially the members of Eclipse. 

I meant to get a little LoTRO time in, but haven’t yet. I have some chores to take care of today and some writing to do and then hopefully I can play for a bit. There’s so much to do as of late. I love it. 

Have a fantastic Sunday no matter what you’re up to.

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