LoTRO: Day 3

I did manage to get a little more time in LoTRO this weekend, which was nice. Not nearly as much time as I had wanted, but I’m still learning and meandering my way around. The quests I’d gotten were much the same they are in any ‘mainstream’ mmo, go kill x number of y creatures, or loot x number of y items, or go talk to random_npc_101. Things along those lines. While this may seem like a ‘grind’ and it’s not ‘new’ that’s fine by me. I enjoy these type of quests, I’m familiar with them. I don’t mind ‘grinds’ in the least bit. I can stand for hours in one location killing the same things over and over and it doesn’t bother me. I suppose it comes from camping items in EQ1, specifically those rogue clicky masks to add to my collections. I actually miss the way EQ1 groups would go, where instead of constantly roaming through a zone you’d find a ‘camp’ and park yourself and your group there for a while. In EQ2 you are never standing still, you’re constantly on the go, and moving. These camps are not around any more. 

So I killed boars for meat, wolves, a spy. I gathered together some plants and that’s where I learned that you have a ‘quest’ bag where that sort of stuff gets dumped into, and not your inventory. WAR works much the same way, and I love that. In other games I’m always cranky when my bags get filled up with quest objects and I can’t actually loot anything any more and then I’m not sure what to delete. 

I looted a few furs off of a wolf that says they’re able to be used in crafting though I haven’t the slightest idea how to start crafting, what it intails, what sort of crafting there is or if it’s even useful. I’m hoping that it gets explained to me some where along the way. 

So far nothing has been overly difficult. I realize I’m still very low level (I’m level 5 now) but it’s been nice to play here and there and not feel overwhelmed. I have seen a few people running around, and I’m enjoying taking my time to learn the mechanics. Where as in EQ2 I tend to rush by everything because I’ve already done it quite a few times now. 

I haven’t had any issues with the game running so far, I did turn down some sound aspects (npc’s talking is great, but their voice was booming out at me louder then anything else) and I’ve changed some of my key bindings. We’ll see how it goes the more I play! Hopefully I can meet up with some friends there and we’ll see how it goes.

2 Responses to LoTRO: Day 3

  1. Saylah says:

    I think you’ll like the crafting. It’s more like the EQ2 experience than other games but you don’t control the production process. You do have sub-components if I remember correctly that can come from other crafters or vendors. But I remember liking the animations as much as I like EQ2 but it’s less than half the work. :-) You’ll have to choose a profession that gives you a trio like Yeoman might me tailor, cook and … other escapes me that’s how it works. I’m pretty sure you will like crafting but be disappointed in the restrictive layout/design of player housing.

  2. Pete S says:

    You’ll be introduced to crafting pretty soon, but for now hold on to those furs!!

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