Visiting Lucan D’Lere and the Moors of Ykesha (again)

The coercer is resting comfortably at level 61, and part way into it so yesterday I decided it would be a good time to get the defiler started on the Moors of Ykesha quest chain. Grouped up with Wpus from guild, we set out to complete at least the first quest hub worth, so that I could move on to the ‘meat’ of the content. I’ve already done all of these quests on various other characters, so none of it was new, but having a duo to take them down with was a lot more fun – especially with the lack of dps on my little healer girl. 

By the time all was said and done I’d made a good chunk of coin and managed to get to 81% through my level. Not too bad considering I’d already dinged 76 the night before in Nizara. The only thing I dislike about the Moors quests is that they reward more coin then anything at all so there are very few gear upgrades. I suppose that makes sense when you think that TSO did not raise the level cap, so most people should already be sporting gear from the RoK zones. I’ve managed to (thankfully) avoid most of the quest grinding that goes on in RoK, the defiler has the sokokar posts in Fens of Nathsar and Kunzar Jungle, but has done relatively few quests. It makes for an interesting time when most of the locations she visits are still all agro. 

I meant to get a little crafting in, but alas that did not happen, maybe today.

I’m eager to see the next game update get implemented, though I’m torn between everyone else’ comments about the changes. It’s one of those wonderful things with MMO’s, their ever evolving and changing worlds. I don’t typically make too much of a fus, and just sort of roll with whatever happens. 

I’m contemplating starting (yet another) alt on Kithicor, so that I can work up a transmuter. Kasul has been leveling one on Najena, and hearing about his adventures with the shards and powders makes me cringe in fear – but it’s a good skill to have on at least one character. I enjoy being able to make my own adornments. Not owning them certainly doesn’t make or break the game, but the whole ‘self sufficient’ aspect comes into play. 

Hopefully everyone had an amazing weekend, I’m looking forward to reading about all of the fun that went on!

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