Ding! Obelisk of Blight, Crypt of Valdoon, and Mistmoore Castle

Last night started off with the defiler hitting level 77. Not too shabby since when I moved her to the new server she was only 74. Not exceptionally fast either, but I haven’t been trying to level her (and I’ve been gaining a whole lot of debt in the process through very fun means).  There were the usual culprits on in guild, trusty shadowknight and crazy conjuror, so we headed to Unrest to lay waste to the zone again. It was exceptionally fun though I doubt anyone who was with us would have thought so. We ran through the zone on multiple attempts angering everything we possibly could and then testing to see if we’d live. Most of the time, we did not. Especially when The Bugaboo would come charging at us. No idea how that happened (shifty eyes). 

We did finish the zone though. Afterwards we headed to the Crypt of Valdoon in Loping Plains and took care of some vampires. The group had to split shortly after but it was still a lot of fun. Later on the shadowknight was headed to Castle Mistmoore to get his first mythical update. For some reason to even begin this quest he needed a page off of a floor in the room past the underwater tunnel (in the jail). Confusing? Yeah. We managed to duo our way up the back staircase from the Catacombs and after a few close calls, he got his update. I suggested duoing Mayong in Mistmoore Inner Sanctum which is the first ‘official’ update he needed, but we decided to stop there for now. 

Once the shadowknight left to get some well deserved sleep I was still awake, and a few more people had logged on in guild. Another resident conjuror (who plays a bruiser as a main) asked if I’d be interested in trying to duo Obelisk of Blight in Lesser Faydark. Sure why not. The zone was slow (due to lack of dps) but it was fun. We had two deaths, and while nothing of any real value dropped, a good time was had by all. He also managed to ding 73, and I learned to appreciate tank pets all the more. 

It’s interesting to watch how things change from server to server. On Najena, the daily shard mission that you pick up in the Moors of Ykesha is called the “DD” (daily double) where as on Kithicor, it’s called the MoTD (mission of the day). Some of the conversations never change no matter what server you’re on. The prices on Kithicor are insane and I’ve come to realize I’ve been spoiled on Najena where the population is a good deal bigger then it is on Kithicor. Not big differences, but these smaller ones that I’ve been taking note of. 

I didn’t get any time to play my coercer or LoTRO – but I should have some time today. The coercer is sitting comfortably at level 61, and I’m eager to nudge her closer to 80.

Hope everyone has an amazing day.

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  1. You level much faster than I do. Can you help me level my toons when you’re done with yours? :)

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