New Levels, New Gear, New Memories

Yesterday was a little bit of everything game-wise, well EQ2 wise at least. It was great. The coercer crept into New Tunaria with Wpus and we lay waste to all the elves that came in range, dinging her 66. Out of vitality (and most of my experience potions now) it was still refreshing to hit that level with less then two days played. I also spent some time working her tradeskill level, and she’s sitting at an even 30. Out of vitality in that department as well. 

I also helped Kasul out with an epic kill in Neriak (assassin epic) which was no easy feat for me because I had to invis my little templar out that way. I thought the lag I was experiencing was going to kill me before any of the orange epic guards did. Glad to help him progress that though.

I was going to work on the defiler, who is sitting at about 30% through level 77 but wasn’t really in the mood to grind quests. Even though I’d love to get the Moors faction recipes that I’ve spent a few months talking about now. I just can’t seem to stick with the quest grinding. Upgraded the coercers clothes, and today maybe I’ll upgrade some spells. Aside from her charm, mez and root, she’s only sporting app1 of everything. When your charmed pet is killing things for 17,000 damage you spend most of your time just watching for adds and making sure charm doesn’t break. Have I mentioned how much I love that coercer? Thought so.

I’ve been spending a lot of time just thinking, too. I’ve been playing EQ2 since release,  something I never had the chance to do with EQ1. In fact I had just started playing EQ1 (had been playing for a year) when EQ2 released. Over the course of the years some of the memories I’ve had have been exceptionally amazing. I’ve met some amazing people. Before I started writing for Beckett I was a guide, and though it was really hard not to write about any of my experiences, it was some of the greatest (and also some of the most stressful) in game times I had. Being a guide fulfilled the whole ‘roleplay’ aspect to the game for me that my regular playing was missing. I loved the adventures and I loved interacting with the player base on that level. I won’t soon forget it. Not to mention the absolutely incredible people who run the program. 

When I started writing for Beckett, I found that between playing the game, being a guide, playing other games I was delving into, and keeping that thing called ‘real life’ going something was going to have to give. While I loved being a guide, writing for Beckett pays, so it was (in the end) an easier decision for me. I don’t regret the choice to this day but every so often I still get that roleplay urge and have to find a creative means of venting. 

I know that some people think these games are ‘just games’ but when I look back on so many years of memories and friendships that have grown into real life friends, all of the stories shared, it is just an incredible experience in general, and I’m so happy to have been a part of it all.

3 Responses to New Levels, New Gear, New Memories

  1. Kilanna says:

    Hey there girlie – missed you oodles the last few days…. Trust you are hangin in there OK.

    I can not believe how much some of your thaughts here today reflect some of what I was going to post myself *giggles*

    Grats on 66 and hope to catch you soon!!

  2. Haha, here here Stargrace! *raises his tankard of ale in toast*

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