Working up a second transmuter

First of all – a HUGE congratulations to Tipa (one of my favorite bloggers and gamers)  on obtaining her mythical last night! I’m so very happy for her, I know it’s something she’s wanted for a while now and I can only imagine the thrill of finally having it. I think it’s amusing that as soon as someone sees a message from a ‘none hardcore raider’ obtaining their mythical the tells go out about how much said person must have paid for it. 

Truth of the matter is these days pick up raids (if done properly) can accomplish a lot more then we may give them credit for and why not. Especially with the new expansion aiding to gear up people who may not have been able to obtain raid gear in the past. 

I decided yesterday that I would take up the painful profession of transmuting on a second character (the one I have on Kithicor) since I have no transmuter over there. Now, way back when I first worked up a transmuter, it was on a heavily populated server and there was a lot of loot for me to buy up for fairly cheap prices in order to get the skill ups I needed. When all was said and done (and this was quite some time ago) I spent 50 plat (which was a lot to me but not so bad) to get from 1-400. 

Times have changed though, and this new server doesn’t have nearly the population of Antonia Bayle or Najena. Instead of spending lots of money trying to purchase things from the broker to work the skill I decided I’d do it the ‘real’ way. Which is creating alts and mentoring down to their level and then running around Norrath AoE’ing everything in sight while the lowbie runs around opening chests and collecting the goodies. 

So far I’ve raised my skill to 100 which lets me transmute things up to level 25. It’s also as high as I can work the skill by using just the ‘transmute’ button and not by doing the actual combines (which are useless on the broker). I am one of those players that likes to be self sufficient, and while I did contemplate simply moving my current transmuter over – the automated character transfer service has been down for over four months now, and I’m not eager to go through that situation (again). So for now I’ll just continue working up a second one.

Last night there were quite a few people around in guild, so ideas were tossed around on what to do. I suggested mentoring down for one of the TSO zones, maybe getting some aa and some shards for those who were 75+ the group consisted of two conjurors, a defiler, and a templar. 

We headed off to Anathema in Everfrost, and we actually did pretty dang well considering the group make up. We spanned between level 71-80, mentoring to enter the zone and then unmentoring once we were settled. We could kill things, but it was REALLY slow. Then one of our resident shadowknights logged in, and we all clamored for his attention like little children, begging him to come tank which he did. Thankfully. 

There is a named at the back portion of the first section that has a tendency to break. He’s broken on me before. It’s the one you spawn by dropping off the arms and legs to Miragul. He breaks in the sense that it doesn’t matter HOW low you get him health wise, he life taps and instantly heals himself to 100% it doesn’t matter if he’s at 2% health or 50% health it’s always back up to 100% forever. 

Without killing this named you can’t break past the “wall” standing guard at the entrance. It looked like we’d have to call it for the night but just then, one of our conjurors managed to run PAST the living wall and onto the other side. SWEET! So our two summoners called the group over to the other side one at a time (I love call of the hero) until we all stood there and continued on. 

We beat the zone. I was impressed. The only thing that could have made it run smoother was more dps because things died painfully slow. It was a great night though and we all had a lot of fun laughing and joking around. Of course I did end up picking up the wrong shard quest and then learned that it was one where you just had to click things so I zoned back out picked it up and then ran around trying to click all the little tortured essences that were scattered through the zone. 

I’ll need to get the defiler a few levels so she can scribe all of the shard recipe books she’s been hording for a while. It’ll be nice to get her into some TSO gear eventually. Not in any great rush though. 

Over all, it was a great night and I’m looking forward to whatever tonight should bring!

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  1. Tipa says:

    Thanks :))

    Gluck on the transmuting… such a grind to level!

  2. Hi! What do you use to make those models and how much does it cost? You do great work with those things!

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