Time for a Heritage Quest

One of the common things that happens when I power level a character is that they get to level 70 or so and have not completed a single Heritage Quest. I absolutely love these quests, it doesn’t matter which one it is or how long (or short) it is to complete them. I love them because the items can turn into house items if you’re not going to wear them, and I love them because the guild status is something everyone can take advantage of. 

So as I looked at the baby coercer (no longer quite a baby any more hovering just past level 67) I decided to do return of the light. It’s one of the lowest level HQ there are (the lowest being the Dwarven quest in Greater Faydark). The quest has been tweaked and changed over the years. What once used to require an access quest (The Stronghold) now just needs you to crouch down and talk to an npc. What was once hours some times of camping, is now constant mobs that are always up. 

I actually don’t mind the changes though for one good reason. Because this is such a low level HQ, it gives new players (and lowbies) a chance to enjoy their first before they have to settle into some long tedious grind. Now, don’t get me wrong here. Sure, it’s great to have all of the named up but the Stronghold instance at the end is still difficult when you do it of level. Getting rushed by huge groups encounters of orcs is not always the most fun thing in the world to do. 

Since I had out leveled the content the entire quest from start to finish only took a few minutes and I was rewarded with a LOT of achievement which was fantastic. The guild earned some status, and I had fun. Wpus (a resident conjuror) was kind enough to call me to the locations I needed in between me running back and forth from the NPC just south of the crossroads. 

I’ve been running Shard of Hate in the mornings as well with some friends on Najena – my 71 paladin was lucky enough to get herself the bloodthirsty choker. Since she can heal herself, I’m not too concerned about it draining health away. I also managed to get her a few 2h weapons within the zone, new shoulders, a belt, a few charm slot items. I love this instance and when you’re level 80 it’s not nearly as painful. 

Hope everyone has been having a lot of fun, no matter what you’re up to!

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