A Little WAR

I spent most of the weekend away from my main PC and there for couldn’t play LoTRO with Tipa and a few other Nostalgians, but I wanted to. I was there in spirit! So instead I decided to dip into WAR for a brief bit. My account is active for the month as I was letting a friend test the game out (they ended up purchasing their own copy and have been playing it steadily since). When I logged in I was not surprised to be greated by the ‘low population server’ message that told me I would be able to move servers if I wanted. I moved my Order character over to the server CoW moved to, and I moved two of my Destruction characters over to a server whose name I forget but I have a few friends who play there. 

The highest level I’d ever gotten in WAR was 10, on multiple characters at that. Now I’m sitting at 11 almost (but not quite) 12. The game is much the way I remembered it, the public quests are bare at my lower tiers, the scenario were not too bad though. There was some intense RvR action going on and I was a little surprised that the public channels (which were implimented after I cancelled my account) were still fairly quiet. It’s really hard to do RvR battles and talk at the same time. You’re so focused on trying to stay alive or in my case trying to keep other people alive. 

I got my first taste of T2 scenarios. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember the name of it and I don’t even know what the objective was. It was a huge mesh of bodies flying and bombs exploding and it was great. I loved every minute of it. I don’t even remember if we won or lost, it was just that good. The problem with loving those sorts of things is that I know darn well after a few hours of it (or even a second and third time) the euphoria I felt will wear off and I’ll want to get back to playing ‘my’ way which involves crafting and player housing. How utterly lame, I know. 

It was still nice to dip in and play. I don’t know why everyone thinks that I don’t enjoy PvP, I actually do enjoy it quite a bit. I haven’t found ‘the game’ for me though in regards to that – I like to PvP when I feel the urge, but I also like to PvE and experience games for their other facets. Does that even make sense? 

I hope everyone else had an amazing weekend, no matter where you found yourself.

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  1. Saylah says:

    That’s how I felt about Scenarios. It was just a huge improvement over WOW BGs and were pure chaotic fun. In the beginning I had no idea what the objectives were or where to go. I just followed others and burned everything in sight. it was sick how much fun it was. :-) Oh you folks are making them think about dipping into LOTRO.

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