Heritage Quests Galore, and Crafting

The screen shot above is taken in the Sarnak starter town, my baby dirge getting a few levels. Yes, for some reason the Sarnak have decided to paint themselves with glow in the dark paint, and the trees have turned a metallic blue, and other various ‘issues’. The problem is that I don’t have the faintest idea what is wrong on my end. I’m using a nvidia 8800 and I have up to date drivers. I turned the fans up from their default position to 85% and still have the issue. I thought perhaps Xfire was causing something to go out of wack but that wasn’t it either. I’m not a computer guru (anyone who knows me is well aware of this) so I’ve been trying to come up with solutions on my own — and it’s not working. It only happens in EQ2, every other game I play is just fine. It’s also typically after a length of time has passed. Windowing out of the game and dropping to desktop then entering game again fixes it without shutting down the game or my computer though that probably means I’m breaking it even more. 

This weekend the little guild I belong to on Kithicor reached level 43, they’ve really been doing a fantastic job. After I finished off the Greater Lightstone, Wpus and I decided to do Foomby’s Stolen Goods. This HQ is obtained in Enchanted Lands, and is really quick and easy even at appropriate level. Afterwards Wpus suggested we do The Screaming Mace, the drop to start this quest is in the Feerrott, and we had to camp Agony for a little while to get it to drop for both of us. Then there was a matter of camping each of the named required. A few hours later we were sporting our shiny new mace and the guild was enjoying the new status. 

It wasn’t finished after that though! It was time to head to Feerrott again and work on the Stein, where you have to kill a few bouncers. Aside from a LOT of zoning (To East Freeport, back to the zone, back to EFP, back to the zone, and so on and so forth) it was pretty easy to complete. Of course, we’re also a good 20-30 levels higher then the recommended levels. I guess that may have something to do with it. 

Afterwards I managed to get a few crafting levels on both the carpenter (33!) and the tailor (69!) which was great. Guild was bustling, and people were chatty. I had a lot of fun. 

There’s been a lot of talk about the changes that will be coming in the next GU and I’m still eagerly awaiting those. You really can’t judge how something is going to impact your class until it happens and it’s on the live servers. Test server is great, but things can easily change before they get pushed to live (which is exactly the point). I know the whole hate transfer scenario is one that keeps getting talked about, every time I log into the 70-79 channels that’s all anyone is mentioning. 

Anyone else excited? Or is it more of a wait and we’ll see type feeling?

2 Responses to Heritage Quests Galore, and Crafting

  1. martin says:

    Im wondering if maybe you have corrupt video ram on the card? I had a ti4200 that had the same fault and thats what it turned out to be ..

  2. Castillion says:

    I’m actually really excited for the update too.

    I think it’s going to end up being a positive on the Coercer and the Paladin, well it’ll be a change ;)

    I’ve been having some graphics issues lately as well. Screen flashings and color weirdness. I’m wondering if there’s something going on on their end?

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