Not Quite There Yet

I know I’ve been slacking on my defiler. She’s been level 77 for a little while now, and I haven’t felt “the push” to get her to 80. I’ve mentioned numerous times here how I hate the quest grind and it’s pretty safe to assume it’s because I play a healer class.  I didn’t mind it quite so much on the illusionist, coercer, or troubador/dirge. I dislike it immensely on the warden, templar, and now defiler. It makes me long for the hybrid healer of Vanguard, where unless you’re putting out damage you can’t heal effectively. Sure, you’re not going to be out dps’ing the classes that are meant to do so but you’ll certainly hold your own. 

I did manage to explore a little more of the Moors. I did the crafting faction chain of quests, trying to edge myself closer to the netural line in order to purchase recipes. It was a fair amount of experience, and along the way the defiler also reached level 70 tailor. Sweet!

Later on in the evening the guild gathered and decided we should all do the Daily Double (DD on Najena, MoTD on Kithicor) which was Najena’s in Lavastorm. I’d only been there once before, mentored, and it didn’t go too badly but it wasn’t easy either. The zone starts with a cut scene which is very awesome, and you have to work your way down a spiral ramp and unlock each floor. 

We died. A lot. It was great though, learning to play with one another. The group consisted of an 80 fury, shadowknight, bruiser, conjuror, and necromancer, along with myself (defiler) at level 77. Looks like I can’t get those daily double quests until level 79, but that’s alright. We did manage (after a lot of deaths, I was on my 2nd special repair kit that repaired me to full) to get all the way to the final named. You know the one that requires a million mobs to all be tanked at once? 

I couldn’t remember if my group had done anything special the last time we were there except to tank them all, kill the genie type first. Last night things didn’t work out quite that smooth. I still had a lot of fun though, even when we had to leave the final named up. That’s two shards added to my collection, well on my way to getting the outfits I need. 

On that same note, since my tailor hit level 70 it also meant she could scribe her void armor recipe books. It’s nice to be able to make the armor for myself, and I’m really looking forward to it. I did make my first piece for Wpus yesterday, a brand new pair of summoner shoes.

I want to give a big hug and /wave to ‘Doomcookie‘ who commented on the Everfrost screenies I had posted in an older article. Another EF screenie at the top of this post just for her, really do love that zone. 


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  1. Taymar says:

    I’m sulking at Doomcookie – she’s leaving and I still have books that need fixing!

    EF is great – I really love having new quests to do on alts!

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