Conjuror Epic for a Friend, and other musings

Last night Wpus finished his conjuror epic, which was great. I was so glad to be a part of it. We headed to Chardok with a mish mash of guildies (Ultann tanking and Craw for some dps along with me as 78 defiler healing) and an assassin from an alliance guild. After all that was done, I suggested that Ultann, Wpus and I trio Vault of Eternal Sleep so that Wpus would have a chance at the guard that drops from the final mob. Nice proc for a mage class. It did take a few attempts on the final named to realize that the conjuror epic we just worked so hard to get for Wpus was actually breaking the roots we needed on the two skeletons that spawned, but we completed the zone fairly easily. I was happy – even though no guard dropped. Ah wells. 

We were going to head to Shard of Fear to trio that instance and give some payback to the three epics within the zone, but alas my internet decided otherwise for me. 

I was up early this morning and headed to the government building in Quebec, bulging folder of papers in hand. This has to do with ‘the news’ that I haven’t officially announced yet because I’m not sure if it’s going to work out. I’d hate to jinx myself, even though I am really looking forward to things. I find out new bits of details every day, and every time I clear one hurdle that’s in my way it seems like another shows up so before I can make any official announcement I have to clear the new hurdle as well. Needless to say this has been one of the most exciting and yet also stressful weeks ever, and if all goes well… well. We’ll just have to see!

I noticed in the craft forums there are postings with pictures of the new Erollisi day house items – really looking forward to that! Some grass fixtures, and beautiful scrolls along with new beds. A huge thank you to the dev teams who work on adding that new content for us eager players.

I apologize for the lack of content in the posts lately, I’m still working on getting my schedule figured out and with the mass of general ‘stuff’ going on, something had to give a little. In a day or two things should be calmer, and I’ll be able to focus (slightly). See you in Norrath!

2 Responses to Conjuror Epic for a Friend, and other musings

  1. Loredena says:

    I’m really looking forward to the Erollisi day crafting this year! Last year I was sucked into WoW with some friends, and missed it completely. This year I happen to already have a couple of days off planned right about then, so hopefully I’ll be able to spend some time making the new items :)

  2. Pete S says:

    I’ve been stressed all week waiting for “the news” and I’m just an observer.. you must be going crazy!! LOL

    No worries about the content…we’ll be here when you have more time. ‘Sides, the new Beckett has arrived.

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