Shard instances galore

Collecting void shards is my mystics new hobby. Why? Because the gear from TSO (even the T1 gear) is a huge upgrade over the crafted pieces she’s wearing. I managed to save up enough shards before she hit 80 to make myself the hat (I have the recipe books at least!) and then today after a few rounds of instances I had enough to make the pants. I tend to be one of those ‘list’ people who write lists for everything, so of course I wrote down which pieces I have that still need to get upgrades.

Chest, Shoulders, Gloves, Shoes, Earring (one), Ring (two), and bracelets. 

Plus my epic. Ok so there’s a lot of work to be done, but hey isn’t that why I play this game anyhow? To further and progress my character alongside of amazing friends and have wonderful encounters in game. 

That being said, the TSO instances in the commonlands fell to the group I was in early this morning, and yesterday included a romp through Chelsith. A lot of people don’t especially care for that zone (going off of 70-79 chatter) and I’m not sure why. It could be due to the length it takes to clear it, but I enjoy it quite a bit. 

I had my 71 coercer in tow (mostly for power regen while I healed) and she dinged 72. I’m still contemplating working up a bard (dirge) but I haven’t gotten very far with it yet. 

I also managed to find a little time to play LoTRO, creating a character on Tipa’s server so I could play with the group she has going there. Hopefully I can find a little more time and catch up to the rest of them! Short post today as I’ve got to get a bunch of things done, but there’s a rumor on the forums that the GU with the fighter changes is tentatively scheduled for the 3rd of February, I’m actually looking forward to it. That should also add the Valentine items to the game, which means – you guessed it – more house item!

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  1. Openedge1 says:

    I was actually going to make a comment today asking what happened to LOTRO. Bored already?

    Thanks for the answer though. I wish you luck!


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