Ah, How things Change

The screen shot on the left is one that I post fairly frequently, usually with a story (like the one that will follow) from my gaming past. It’s of lady vox, while I was helping out Allure on the Najena server finish off the prismatic 1.0 chains. I was level 45, and my character was Qutey, a templar. She’s wearing a robe there because of the saves vs. cold which were important. Since content can be out leveled it’s rare to find people who are doing those ‘old school’ quests any more. The reward from the chain (which includes four epic fights as well as the epic fight with Darathar on the isle of refuge) was legendary, and back then legendary was rare. The level cap was 50, and sub combines were a part of crafting. 

Where has the time gone.

Now it’s years later. I’ve made some wonderful friends in game (and out) and I’m thankful for so much. My web site would have started a year after that prismatic run, on both blogger and wordpress and then eventually finding my own host. So much has changed and yet the game is still there with the same basic concepts, and it’s comforting in an odd (and geeky) way. 

Yesterday I spent the evening gathering void shards with the duo I tend to hang out with on Kithicor, and working up my dirge who is now 31. It was a lot of fun, and a thanks goes out to Wpus, Ultann, and Hamal for their help. I managed to snag 13 void shards because I had some of the older quests on me, and that gave me enough to make my mystic the shoulders and get her three piece set bonus. I made some goodies for others as well, everyone seems to really be enjoying the new gear. 

I’m still looking forward to seeing what the next game update holds for everyone, even though I don’t think I’ll have the time to experience it first hand until after it goes live. Opinions on it so far (impressions from the forums) has been a mixture. Some people are quite excited to see how the changes end up, and others are… lets just call them ‘less excited’ which of course would be an understatement. I’ll wait until the changes go through before I post any solid opinions on them. I’m looking forward to the holiday goodies that are coming, that’s for sure!

Game time will (of course) be taking a little step backwards while I prepare for the trip to San Diego. I’ve got a post scheduled today about that, if you don’t want to read it then by all means please just skip it! I would typically post it on my personal site, but since it’s gaming related, it’ll be posted here. 

See you in Norrath San Diego!

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