Colourful Evening

Screen shot is a new outfit that Wpus requested, doesn’t he look stylish? It’s complete with a bright blue cloak, and his fabled epic at his side. Yesterday I was busy most of the day creating lists and emails. Lists of what to pack and various other little bits that I don’t want to forget for Tuesday, and emails to friends and family. Once all of that was finally done I had a little time to dip in game. Kasul mentioned some raids that he and Tipa were a part of, and I decided to work on my baby dirge for a little while. Satia is now level 38, quite a nice climb from when I started. Of course that’s thanks to being on my main account with the other 80’s as well as using a few of the 5 year veteran potions which last for two hours (drools). 

We went to Enchanted Lands, and Runnyeye. I know that a revamp of Lavastorm is supposed to be in the works but I’m not sure if it’s coming out this game update, or the next. I’m hoping there are plans to revamp the other shattered land zones, I’d even like to see another one of Antonica and Commonlands to bring it on par with TD and Neriak. Having multiple options of zones to level in is really important and it’s one of the things I loved about Vanguard. The sheer amount of places that you could explore and level up in was great and the fact that all of the Rift Seekers gave you quests leading you to those areas even better. 

There’s some talk of finishing up Speak like a dragon and then working on Deathtoll access, and finishing off prismatic 1.0 and even doing Godking. I’m not sure if any of that will work out but I really miss those older raids and I’d really love to start working on them again, even if we never complete them. 

Hope everyone else is having a fantastic day, no matter what realm you’re adventuring in!

Safe travels, and see you in Norrath San Diego! Tuesday!

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  1. Lol yeah, colorful it right!

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