Sorry about the lack of posts! I haven’t been able to find the few moments I need in a day in order to recap things, and when I have my mind has been else where (namely on this trip to San Diego). I’m a bundle of nerves but it’s also exciting at the same time. I’m sure there are a million things I’ll do wrong, but hey that’s what learning experiences are for. 

I’ve been playing some W101, and some EQ2, and keep inching my way into LoTRO before I get dragged away by something else in real life.

I’m all set for my trip aside from converting some Canadian money into American, getting some new shoes, and of course the actual packing process which I’ll do tomorrow (as well as print out my boarding passes). 

I fly from Ottawa at 6am Tuesday morning, switch planes in Detroit, and then switch planes again in Minneapolis. On the way home I’ll be stopping in LA and switching again in Detroit. I have maps (thank you Gnewton) of the airports, so it shouldn’t be too bad (I hope).

Excited? Yes, yes I am. 

See you in Norrath San Diego!

4 Responses to Preperations

  1. Gnewton says:

    I would agree with Lader… Ohare is a PITA.

    And your welcome for the maps. My pleasure :)

    Good luck tomorrow and next week!!!

  2. Kilanna says:

    I was lucky to have the chance to travel to the USA for work a couple of years ago. I found that LAX is a little intimidating because it is big of course – but not THAT horrifically scary to be honest. I am sure you will be fine!

    One thing that a friend once recommended to me – at a couple of stages just stop for one minute and take a mental snapshot. Give yourself a moment to soak up the atmosphere, the smells, peoples faces, your impressions.

  3. Lader says:

    be thankful you dont have to go to ohare in chicago…worst airport ever. youll do great on your flights and interviews, have fun in san diego!!!

  4. Chestone says:

    Congratulations again! Have a safe/fun trip! Air travel can certainly be stressful, but just keep your head on straight and you’ll do just fine. =)

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