Time to PLAY!

Now that all of my articles are finally written, I have decided to take the rest of this week to do absolutely nothing (aside from get better from this cold that I’m still trying to battle) aside from game. Maybe clean the house a bit. Anyhow, my schedule for this week is empty and I’m loving it. No doubt I’ll get some time to dive into LoTRO for a little bit, as well as playing EQ2 with friends, and whatever else happens to catch my interest. As long as this flu bug doesn’t beat me into submission at least. 

Yesterday was a great day gaming wise. I got a lot done, which is always fun. I started in on the Valentine’s goodies, but was quickly side tracked by guild mates. When we can, we mentor down to level 50 and do the void shard goodness with my bard who’s sitting at level 54. My mystic has her full set of T1 gear, and two pieces now of T2 gear. The coercer is still four levels away from using void shard gear, but she has 9 shards just waiting to be made into something. I should be able to get quite a few more before she’s level 80 and able to wear any of the gear. She’s still wearing level 30 gear in the mean time. At least she has all of her adept3’s!

The shadowknight and conjuror I hang out with headed to Vaults after our shard run and trio’d that, then headed to Chelsith to do that together. By then it was around 9:30pm though and I was not feeling very well at all so I took some night time medicine and crashed for the next 10 hours. I’m not sure what they gave me in San Diego when I was down but dang I just can’t seem to shake it (and to be perfectly fair, it’s not ALL from the people at SOE, I’m sure a lot is due to the 6 airplanes I was on, the lack of sleep, stress, and my already weakened immune system). We did manage to get a shadowknight master to drop, it’s usually always just conjuror spells that we get. 

Hope everyone else is having a lot of fun in their game of choice, see you in Norrath!

2 Responses to Time to PLAY!

  1. Kilanna says:

    Feel better soon.


  2. Odius says:

    I’d definitely blame the 6 flights. I can’t fly anywhere without getting a cold, and I have an amazing immune system.

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