Obelisk Goodness

Yesterday the mission of the day was Obelisk. You know the one in Moors that’s not too difficult and requires a lot of bouncing around for one named? Well, my trio had attempted to do this zone just us a few weeks ago, before I was level 80 on the mystic and before we’d gotten any void shard gear or anything like that. The two void creatures by the first doorway tore into us pretty bad, it wasn’t a good sight. We decided yesterday to attempt it again, me boxing the 77 coercer along with my 80 mystic, the shadowknight and conjuror I typically play with. The conjuror has masters of all his pets now, and is sporting a full set of T2 void shard gear, the shadowknight has won a few masters as well and is sporting his full set. I only have two pieces of mine and the coercer is wearing a mish mash of gear – but we managed to clear the entire zone with just the three of us. 

I was so proud.

There are some people who have fun in game doing quests, others decorating, or raiding, or hanging out with friends or doing multiple other avenues of things. Lately, I’ve been having the most fun taking down encounters with three people that are difficult (or at least I consider difficult) that we wouldn’t typically be able to beat. None of us are raid geared, none of us have our mythical and so these encounters are actually hard and require us to be on top of things. My mystic doesn’t even have her fabled epic yet (I know, I’ve been slacking). 

It was a LOT of fun, and even though I didn’t see the healer shield, knowing that we can beat it now was very satisfying. We also did a Chelsith run and Vaults, as well as all of the regular TSO instances for void shards. The coercer is sitting on 20 now and since she’s not 80 yet she’ll be able to at least get a set of gear made by the time she gets there. The mystic is a little behind, but that’s alright. 

I’m (finally) starting to feel human again after being sick for a week. My nose is still dripping (ew) but at least the hacking cough has died down quite a bit. Looking forward to feeling even more human in the upcoming days. Today? Valentines stuff!

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