Dreadspire Keep, Ashengate, and Loping Plains

Groceries and some family things took up a portion of my day yesterday, but today is a holiday (woohoo) so it’s still relaxing. In the US I know this day goes by President’s Day (I believe at least) while here in Canada the official name for it is “Family Day”. Basically there were no holidays in February so they made this one up. Not that I’m complaining! Yesterday in game was another round of ‘firsts’ for me. My necromancer is almost level 40. On the side I’ve been trying to level her up because while I enjoy the rogue, I am far more of a caster class when it comes to personality. Be it a healer or a mage sort. I still want to be able to do things ‘with the big kids’ hence the rogue. 

While I was leveling up the necromancer a very kind Paladin by the name of Hystorm came by and buffed me and my pet. While they were in Skyfire (I was in The Overthere) a necromancer level 51 spell dropped and they came all the way back just to give it to me. It was very kind of them and made me realize why I love EQ so much. The community is completely different then any other game I have seen. I belong to the general channels and I’ve never had to turn them off. I’ve not seen anyone be rude or crass or outright mean. Everyone is still talkative and there were (at least last night) over 250 people on these channels. It is so nice and refreshing to see. 

Anyhow, I really appreciated this stranger helping me out. Once Ultann and Ninga were around it was time to play a little. We headed to so many places that I’ve never been. One of my favorites was Dreadspire Keep – apparently this zone involves Mistmoore some how but I don’t know enough about the background story. It was great fun wandering around shrouded until I fell through a trap (rug on the floor) in the dinning room and then as I was wandering around some drachnid something saw me and before I knew it I was staring at my corpse on the floor. Thank goodness I have two wonderful friends (and a cleric mercenary) who were willing to come after my corpse and rez me. 

We also explored portions of Loping Plains. Since EQ2 is 500 years after The Shattering, I had to chuckle to myself that I was seeing the EQ version of Loping Plains well after I saw the EQ2 version of the zone. There’s a lot of zones that are like that for me now. I believe the zone is a hot zone, and if not there were certainly a lot of people around (23+) who were exploring. We managed to find a little camp to set up in and spent a few hours pulling wolves and wereorcs. Their transformation graphic was neat to watch as the morphed into their wereorc counterparts, but after a few hours it was time to move on.

The group decided to make the treck back to Ashengate, since when we had been there the previous night it was too late to really do anything and I ended up going to bed. Last night wasn’t any different though as we entered the zone and the monk went and found our camp, my eyes threatened to close. My rogue managed to get 6aa yesterday and almost a full level, she’s 5% shy of level 73. I’ve been averaging a level or a little less a day without really grinding it at all, just exploring and playing with friends. With the new level cap of 85, I’m still a ways away, especially if I want to eventually switch over to the necromancer. She’s sitting on 137aa now which is also not a lot at all, but it’s still fun to watch the progress. 

I hope everyone else had an amazing time gaming, no matter your game of choice. See you in Norrath!

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