Moving On Up

I activated my 2nd EQ1 account so that I’d be able to box my enchanter along with whomever I was playing – not to mention the fact that my enchanter is a heavy EQ crafter and it comes in handy. I love crafting in EQ. I like having combines that are not automatic, and having to farm all of the supplies, and being able to make a HUGE amount of items. It’s refreshing to me. Then again I enjoy crafting in pretty much every game I play, go figure. 

My necromancer is a total of four or five days old now, and last night managed (with a huge amount of help of course) to hit level 65, almost 66. I had been saving up parchment to turn in for spells and had quite a few, we’re talking at least 50 or so and had a lot of spells waiting for me including a few new pets. It was nice to finally get a wraith pet instead of a skeleton and this is the highest level I’ve ever had a necromancer at before. I really enjoy the class, and even though I’ve got no aa (yet) or even gear (fixing that today) in the trio I’ve been playing in she comes in handy. 

Earlier on in the day my little static group decided to check on a few more PoP gods, and found Saryrn at home. First we decided to do a trial or two in Plane of Justice, just to get Minxes (the necromancer) a few flags. We headed to Plane of Torment and began to work our way through the winding stairs and twisting paths, gaining a lot of experience along the way. It was a rough fight, but we did it. The little adds that came along decided to eat through my necromancers flimsy armor, not that she was wearing much. A mage item dropped, with a clickie. Oh how we love our clickies. 

The rest of the evening (the necromancer started off at level 55) was spent trying to level her high enough to get missions together. Apparently 65 is not enough though, 69 (the enchanter) worked just fine, so she’ll need a few more. 

We’ve been hanging out in the hot zones, which are fairly full of players, and I’ve just been having a good ‘ol time listening to people talking in channels, there’s lots of active groups and it’s just so wonderful. I imagine that as it gets closer to the 10th anniversary (March 16th) more people may return for Nostalgia’s sake, and we’ll see even more people playing. Never a bad thing. 

See you in Norrath!

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  1. Tipa says:

    Heh, I’ll definitely be logging in as the Fabled time comes around, probably on my cleric, but maybe my ranger :)

    Glad to see old Saryrn again, I loved her. Making the key to her lair was a pain, though :P

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