Completely Made My Day

Whether I have 1 reader, or 100 readers, I write because I enjoy it. Emails like this totally make my day and I wanted to share. Thank you so much for writing this Tillarus. I appreciate it more then you could ever possibly know.


The Simple Things are Often the Sweetest


Riftseekers, Epics, and FUN!


  1. What Corpsed said!

    And ooooOooo name-check and email, very cool. Now I need to wander off and remind myself I don’t care about such callow things. :D

  2. I love it, too! Makes my daily “Web Report” much easier to do because I always know I can count on you for some great blog entries! :)

  3. Corpsed

    Just came across your blog – I love it. Keep up the awesomeness.

  4. That’s wonderful :)

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