The Simple Things are Often the Sweetest

I saw the sweetest thing last night in EQ and I had to mention it here of course. In both EQ and EQ2 you’re able to edit a small box of text on your description window. People use these for numerous things, favorite song lyrics, a list of their accomplishments and other random goodies, whatever really happens to cross your mind. When you examine someone these boxes of text are on display for all the world to see. 

So it was that I happened to be standing in the guild lobby last night, and I spotted a character with a very interesting looking shield. Naturally I wanted to see what shield it was, so I examined them. 

I wish I had of taken a screen shot. It was just that sweet. 

In their description was a letter from a husband, written to his wife on his wife’s character. He must have logged her in with the hopes that she would see the message. It was written just before he left for Iraq, or so the brief message said. It was a note about how much he loved his darling wife, and went along the lines of “Hey baby, I love you so much you’re incredible, I’ll see you when I get back from Iraq” – short, and sweet. 

The message moved me so much. I almost teared up, reading some strangers description. I don’t even know who they were and they zoned before I could get their name or send them a tell about the message to ask if it was new or how long ago he had left or if he had returned safely. I probably won’t ever know now, unless by some weird fluke they happen to read this site which would be really weird. The emotional connections we all make as human beings within these video games we play astounds me every single day. It reminds me of the great people I have met, the close friends, and everyone I love. Anyone else have amazing stories like this? I’d love to hear them.

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