Riftseekers, Epics, and FUN!

Tomorrow it will have been a week since I’ve started playing EQ again. In that short amount of time, so much has gone on and it’s been a huge rush, I’ve had so much fun. If you had of told me a week ago I’d be playing EQ, I’d have a new character on a new server who would complete her 1.5 epic – I’d have probably laughed. Ok, there’s no ‘probably’ about it. I would have laughed. Yesterday was spent completing the awesome staff that Minxes is sporting in the screen shot. The quest rewarded me with 5aa as well as the title that she’s sporting too, which was all pretty impressive to me. The quest was relatively easy although I’m sure it was difficult when it first came out. My trio handled everything beautiful, and then once we’d completed the final raid mob in Nobels Causeway, we hunted around for other named to defeat in the hopes of obtaining a few runes I could turn in for my 66-70 spells and it went relatively well. I managed to pick up my new level 67 pet, which is always a good thing. Necromancers work through dots, and using the level 30 ones I had were doing pretty much nothing. That’s alright though, it will come with time. 

The necromancer also dinged level 70 – as did my enchanter which was a huge milestone for me. I switched over to aa for a bit as we galavanted around Plane of Disease, and when all was said and done obtained another 12aa and put it into pet hold and pet focus. Two aa that come in handy as my group is wandering. I need to get pet affinity so that my wraith can get buffs easier when I hang out in the guild lobby, as well as a few more aa and then I can concentrate on upping my dots and all that goodness. There are so many choices now as far as paths to go, I’m floundering a bit. Since I’m not a raid character (nor do I have any intentions of being) I’m sure I’ll do just fine. The enchanter on the other hand is working on getting salvage so that when she’s crafting she doesn’t destroy the items quite so often. 

After obtaining my epic 1.5 I was excited, and in a great mood, we headed to Muramite Proving Grounds (may have spelled that wrong) and from there, Riftseekers Torrent. I’ve never been to RS before, and it was quite an experience. The zone is beautiful, with a fire and ice side. We made our way through both sides. Both MPG and RS were completely empty – if it’s not a hot zone you’ll find a lot of things empty. Wall of Slaughter did have some folks wandering around as we made our way through, one of them graciously rez’d Ninga who had quite the train chasing him. 

A /hug and /wave to Acemob who poked me on Xfire yesterday, was plesant to talk to him. Just as a reminder, I can be found on Xfire, and email, and you can follow me on twitter as well if you’re interested in chattering. I love to meet new people. 

There is some talk tonight of getting my 2.0 completed, an old friend of Ninga and Ultann is apparently going to be in game. I’ve never met them before, but I’ve heard the boys talk about them a few times. The 2.0 is something I haven’t even thought of getting, ever. To the left is a screen shot of my new shield that I’m also waiting to wear, a gift from Ultann. He got it from Blackburrow when they had it revamped for Seeds of Destruction just a few months ago. I need 60% more experience before I can wear it, but I’m excited! New toys are always a lot of fun in game. 

Short term goals are to get a few more levels (if possible) while gaining aa. I’m still really far behind the loop, but not too concerned as I’m having a blast playing and everyone I’ve spoken to has been absolutely amazing. It’s also FRIDAY which is fantastic. I hope everyone else has an amazing day, no matter your game of choice! 

See you in Norrath!

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