Sixth Screenshot Meme

I don’t typically get tagged for meme’s which is a good thing, I’d end up annoying everyone else who I tagged, but when Peter from Dragonchasers tagged me with this screen shot meme, I decided to give it a go. 

The shot is of EQ2, well before I had a computer that ran it on settings that didn’t make everything look like burlap sacks. I had just purchased my very first three room home, and it was the biggest house I ever had at that time. The duck was given to me by one of my very best in game friends and it was my first house pet ever. It was followed quickly by the dragon who’s roasting the fowl – he comes from the collectors edition of the game. 

The rules to the meme are simple, “The idea is to go into your screenshots folder, then into the 6th subfolder and post the 6th screenshot.” Of course this means I have to tag a few folks. 

I’m not sure who else has been tagged yet, but I’m going to pounce on 

There you go guys, have fun, and if you want to blame anyone for the meme, then by all means, look at Dragonchaser, not me!

4 Responses to Sixth Screenshot Meme

  1. Tipa says:

    Hmmm well my Fraps folder I clear out every so often, but I DO have my archival screenshots from the old days, and they are divided by subfolder and there are at least six… I wonder what it will be!


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