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Yesterday was another one of those game days where you are not really sure what you’re going to end up doing, but you know you’ll do something, and it will be fun. I set my trader up for the evening, and sales were slow, go figure. It’s pretty hit and miss with the market on Drinal right now. Some days I can make 10k plat easily and other days it drags by. Either way, the coin is used simply to fund my way through crafting, so it’s not very essential to me. When I had some free time I decided to create two storage characters for Kameeko (my crafter of course) to move things onto. I created Kamsmith and Kamtailor – gee very creative, I know. I promptly filled both up with delux tool boxes and then transferred all of the supplies used for those two skills over. I didn’t get it all, but I got a great deal and it was refreshing to have a little space in my bags again. Now some time I need to transfer all of the junk off of Minxes to those two characters. 

We did some DoD missions yesterday in the hopes of obtaining the 68-70 spells, Ultann left early so that he could spend the evening with some friends, leaving just Ninga and I. After a little break (did some artwork, a new render of my necromancer that turned out fairly well) we decided to spend a little bit of time playing those lowbies we’d created a few days ago. My paladin and ranger are still pretty much naked as far as gear goes, but Ninga helped me out and gave me a few new bits to wear. One of those pieces included the clicky (need a few levels of course) paladin breastplate, which was pretty awesome. 

The hot zone for level 20 is Stonebrunt mountains, not a zone I enjoy a great deal but it was better then the ‘regular’ experience from other zones. I actually miss the previous hot zones, the Moors used to be one and so was Stone Hive, two zones I really liked. Anyhow, we headed to the Gunthak stone in PoK and from there ported over to Stonebrunt. Down near the Warrens (remember, we were only level 15 at the time) were a few camps of Kobold, and we set up a few paces away and began our leveling. 

While some people may not enjoy this type of grind, it’s actually one I relish. It’s one I’ve missed. In EQ2 you are constantly moving around, there’s no such thing as a puller, your tank is the puller (grats on the added roll) for most instances. I enjoy setting up a camp and dividing the roles between people (including puller). I would lull with my paladin and then snare pull to the camp with the ranger, it worked out pretty well. After a little bit of time went by I was surprised to see that we had already reached level 20, a great accomplishment. Of course now I have to look up five levels worth of spells (again) and maybe even think about getting some gear. All in all it was a lot of fun. I’ve always enjoyed my alts. One of these days (when i have time of course) I’ll have to look into tinkering on the paladin too. 

The trio makes quite an amusing group. I hired a healer mercenary (only one of my accounts has SoD so that’s what I’m limited to for now) and the make up was gnome – halfling – dark elf (mercenary) and drakkin (resident Ninga on his bard). The little gnome paladin IS sporting an incredible purple pair of goggles attached to her helm which I adore. 

I also logged into EQ2 for a bit to make sure all was well there, updated some guild stuff (I WILL be back, I always am) and checked sales, made sure nothing had been falling apart. The new Lavastorm revamp is just around the corner along with some other changes, and I’m looking forward to writing about those. 

I hope everyone is having an incredible weekend, no matter where you find yourself. See you in Norrath!

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