Stepping out of my Box

((A portion of my online game collection – games include Warhammer, LoTRO, EverQuest, EverQuestII (and lots of expansions) LineageII, World of Warcraft,  GuildWars, Vanguard, Dungeon Runners – I don’t have a box for W101 but that’s on my computer as well as Dungeons and Dragons Online, and multiple free to play games.)) 

I make no excuses to the fact that I am a fan of the fantasy genre, my book shelves (only a small portion pictured here) house books I’ve had since I was a teenager. Subsequently my gaming choice (remember I haven’t been gaming all my life, I’m still pretty new as far as that’s concerned) has followed a pretty straight and narrow path. I’ve played pretty much nothing but fantasy-type games with a few others tossed in for good measure, nothing too serious. 

So it was that I came to a decision that I should expand on this a little bit, especially if I’m going to write about games. For no other reason then personal experience for myself. I like exploring new things, I like embracing new perspectives and this is an easy way for me to do that. I have a few friends who are playing EVE online, and I decided to see if I couldn’t get a 21-day trial (a buddy pass, longer then the typical 14-day ones). Apparently the game is going through a re-launch on the 10th of March, with a revamp to the beginning experience for new players so that the learning curve (which has been referred to as more of a learning cliff then a curve) is easier to grasp. I was lucky enough to be sent the 21-day trial and as soon as that goes live I’ll be signing up to give things a whirl.

So why EVE?

Well. It’s COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. I actually don’t care for sci-fi at all. It puts me to sleep. I’m not a fan of space ships or galaxies or anything else. I know, I should be flogged. I’m looking at the game with an open mind though, and I’m even excited about it. With games like DC Universe Online and others on the horizon I really want to be able to step out of my box and explore games (and enjoy them) that I would have never pictured myself playing. I did give City of Heroes a shot a while back, but I found (at the time) that the controls were really difficult for me to get a grasp of, and while I absolutely adored character customization it simply didn’t grab me. Granted, I also didn’t play for a large length of time. 

So here’s to new experiences, and exploration. I’m going to continue writing about (and playing) my games of choice of course which will probably remain and always be some sort of fantasy type game since that’s what I love to play. Nothing wrong with breaking out of my personal mould a little though, and giving something new a try. Even if I don’t end up liking it.

6 Responses to Stepping out of my Box

  1. In order to survive in Eve, I highly reccommend you find a group that will foster your growth and development as a pilot. A player run corporation that comes highly reccommended is Eve University, open to all.

    Good luck!

  2. stargrace says:

    You’d be wrong about LoTRO – sorry Open. :) I actually loved the game, it was a lot of fun. However. I can’t afford to keep paying subscriptions for games (notice I’m trying free trials out here?) on top of the “regulars” I already play. :)

  3. Openedge1 says:

    Ouchie…by picking EvE, you could totally write yourself out of the alternate genres all together…lol

    I would have looked at maybe something in between in the Sci-Fi setting…Matrix maybe? Not sure…

    But, can’t wait to hear about this (the fact I saw LOTRO disappear off your blog already told me how you felt about that one…hehe)


  4. I think I’ve read just about every book that you have. Although, I crossed over to Anne Rice at one point.

  5. martin says:

    Mine are terrible 2 big bookcases then 7 carboard boxes in the loft..and 2 or 3 plastic boxes in downstairs cupboards lol..think i have ever eq addon that was released in a box including the one with the figure ect :)
    Eve has never done it for me played in the beta then 2 trials just cant see to get into it :(

  6. Gnewton says:

    I played EVE for a while. It was pretty fun. And yes, the learning curve was a huge cliff. “Here’s your ship, here’s a little intro mission, Off you go!” And that was about it. I had a couple friends who were playing for a while and even then the learning curve was super steep. They’d be talking about all this stuff and how to do this… I was totally lost.

    The biggest and coolest thing I thought about EVE was the ability to increase skills while logged off the game. Was great for someone like me who doesn’t necessarily want to be logged in all the time. Loved that part!

    (Your desk shelves look a WHOLE lot like mine :) Oodles of game boxes!)

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