Crystal Caverns and The Overthere

Yesterday was relaxing, and a great time to play alts. The paladin, ranger, and bard were all hovering around level 26-27 and so we decided to head to Crystal Caverns again to gain experience. The zone was great, except eventually I knew it would happen. One of the mobs would run off too fast for me to land a snare on, and before we knew it there were 50 (it felt like it at least) of the mobs on us and we wiped. 

By that time we were all level 31 though, and after respawning in Plane of Knowledge we decided to head to The Overthere which is the level 30 hot zone. 

Creatures ranged from grey (at the entrance by the book) to red still (over by the Skyfire ramp) so we set up camp and the trusty bard started doing his thing. Before too long we were all level 35, which was great. Almost 10 levels in the few hours we played. Experience certainly has gotten faster for lower levels especially with the hot zones. I know it won’t always continue this way but it is pretty fantastic in the mean time. Of course that means now I’ll have to look up 10 levels worth of spells, and since I’ve been almost 100% melee since we started leveling, I can barely cast the few spells I do have. I’ll probably spend a few hours today working skills up so I can at least buff and snare successfully, and being able to lull properly would be wonderful too. We’ll see how it goes. 

I don’t have any huge plans for this weekend, hopefully it will be relaxing and gaming with good friends. I’d like to inch the necromancer closer to 80, the enchanter too. I had a little time to play Runes of Magic, and I’d like to play it a little more, I’m still waiting for the 10th of March before I begin with the EVE trial. I hope the Free Realms closed beta is going well (checks her empty mail box, aww) which is another game I’m looking forward to trying. Sorry for such a short post but perhaps I’ll have more to write about later today. Safe travels!

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