Another night of Alts

The weekend started off quiet, which I was happy for. Our resident magician (and cleric bot) is MIA this weekend due to some internet issues, so it was an evening playing alts for the most part. We started out in Mons Letalis which is the level 35 hot zone. Actually before that we spent a little more time in The Overthere, but the ramp was starting to get a little old.

Mons Letalis is an uncomfortable zone, the mobs path oddly and it was difficult to find a good spot to camp. The experience was nice though, and we eventually settled down in some little caves quite close to a zone in. Every once in a while we’d pull a little more then the group could handle, but before too long we had reached level 38-39 respectively. 

We decided to head back to PoK, maybe pick up some gear upgrades and skip the level 40 hot zone (Great Divide) to head to the level 45 hot zone which is Nagafen’s Lair. It wasn’t that long ago that I was in that hot zone leveling my necromancer. The night was getting late (or early depending on how you look at it) so we didn’t stay too long, but by the time all was said and done my paladin reached level 42, and the ranger is sitting at level 40. I need to look up their spells again, and spend some time working them up since it’s getting increasingly difficult to cast the simple ones in every day combat. 

I’d like to get the ranger some skill in her fletching, so she can make her own arrows. There are never any for sale in the bazaar, and the few that I have found (around 100 or so) cost 8p ecah. Far too expensive!

Not sure what this weekend will hold yet. I believe we’re going to be camping a DoD mission so that I can attempt to get a clicky shrink earring on my necromancer (which you can also use on other people) and would really come in handy. Plus who doesn’t want another clicky item! We’ll just have to see.

Sorry for the short post today, hopefully I’ll have more to write about tomorrow. Safe travels no matter what game you find yourself in this weekend!

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