Adventures in Oceangreen and Happy Birthday EverQuest!

The screen shot was from a few days ago, but yesterday was another great time in EverQuest. I didn’t get as much done as I’d have liked, but the day in general went fairly well. Before I talk about that though – 


Today marks the 10th anniversary of EverQuest, and I could not be happier. I think it’s fantastic that the game has come so far, I think the players and game developers and Community and everyone involved all deserve big pieces of cake.

My day yesterday was taken up with a mixture of real life things. Lots of pain (ugh) so I kept myself fairly sedated. I went and saw The Watchmen which was not a bad movie even though I (sheepishly) had never even heard of the graphic novel before. I did some groceries, took some pictures and bought a new book (The Hidden City by Michelle West). 

Last night we worked on SoD progression in Oceangreen which was a lot of fun, here’s the progression according to Zam



  • Revolves around the faction, Cirtan, Bayle’s Herald.
    • Captain Hiran Solo: Familiarity is Key
      • A quick exploration task of Oceangreen Village.
    • Captain Hiran Group #1: Stop the Contamination
      • Kill the invading undead that spawn around the village (a tracker helps).
    • Captain Hiran Group #2: A Dread Challenger
      • Kill some more invading undead that spawn around the village (a tracker helps), including 2 named at the end.



    • Raxtor Darkpaw Group #2: Beat the Blackburrow Boss
      • This mission can get bugged if you do to much DPS to the boss. Stop him exactly at 50% health. If you blow through the 50% mark you may not get the task update.



  • None of the following tasks are required for completion of the Oceangreen theme (Void progression), however, some are prerequisites to the group missions which are required
    • Raxtor Darkpaw Group #1: Freedom!
      • Free some Darkpaw pups from the Blackburrow Gnolls.
    • Sergeant Bronal Cadran #1: Man the Defenses
      • Quick kill of a Magus a short distance south.
    • Sergeant Bronal Cadran #2: No Cure for Death
      • Kill 15 Bertoxxulous Cultists in Oceangreen Village.
    • Darkpaw Camp Solo: Summary Execution
  • Kill 15 regular gnolls and 5 wrext mal gnolls in Old Blackburrow.

We’re currently on the mission Raxtor Darkpaw – but you have to gain access to Blackburrow first and that was where I called it a night to head to bed and get some reading done first. The mission before that – A Dread Challenger – was quite possibly one of the most annoying missions of the day. Ok, so it was in fact the most annoying. Basically you get sent to protect a villager from the minions of Bertox who are invading, and while you may remember doing that the first itme around this time they come faster and there are more of them – not to mention the fact that one named who spawns during the encounter has these two little non-targetable pets that like to chew through pretty much everyone and thing in their way. Which they did, twice. 

In the end we managed to protect most of the villagers though and completed the mission. The enchanter is still inching her way through the levels and the necromancer has enough to almost keep her level finally when dying. 

I’m excited to see what gets added to the game today as far as anniversary goodies go – I still can’t believe EQ has hit it’s 10th year. It’s so amazing.

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