Brew Day Fun!

Who says there’s no such thing as flying pigs? Wandering around in Norrath today I managed to complete the Brew Day quests before they were vanquished for yet another year. Before I headed out to do these quests I did also manage to get a few guild writs done, inching Nostalgia further along level 42. Since I’ve been playing EQ lately, I haven’t really been in EQ2, but I know the guild is (for the most part) self-sufficient and regular members (Tipa, Kasul, and Ecor)  know that I tend to bounce around from game to game depending on where my whim takes me for the month. Looking through the guild hall I decided I should try to get back into decorating a little bit of it too some time. 

Today though, today was all about the booze. Or rather, walking around in a booze enhanced state where everything was blurred and I didn’t have to wonder (for once) if it was my video card acting up (again). 

I headed to the Commonlands on Silhouette (the coercer) and zoned into the Bar of Brell. It’s a special zone that you can only gain access to this time of year. There were a few new quests to pick up as well as the quests that I’d completed yesterday. The best part about these quests of course is the fact that they (typically) reward a choice of house item. 

The quests listed above were the ones associated with Brew Day, and I loved doing each one of them – in particular Snoogle’s Presentation, because it rewarded me with a pink elephant plushy that I added to my (fast growing) collection of plushies. 

The reward from Ale Goggles was very nice too, I added a fancy looking jug to Silhouette’s table and had a lot of fun doing the quests. Logging in to LoN (Legends of Norrath) also rewarded me with my free loot cards for today – in EQ2 it was a vision of the void (which you may remember being similar to the vision of fury) that makes black darkness shoot out your eyes. In EQ the item is a blue crystal staff that shoots of some particle effects. I’m not sure if today is the last day to claim items, but I believe it is so don’t forget!

After placing all of the new items in my house I took a glance around a few of the half finished housing projects I have ongoing (and have had ongoing for quite a while now). I need to get Goudia’s home done some time, I created an amazing little miniature library for her and then left the rest of the home relatively bare. I’ve always loved the housing in EQ2 and I doubt that will ever change. 

Anyhow, it was great to wander around Norrath 2.0 today, and I hope everyone is having an amazing Friday! Here’s hoping the weekend is just as fantastic. 

3 Responses to Brew Day Fun!

  1. I actually did Everlasting Brew and Snoogle’s Presentation on both my main and my highest crafting alt (who needed some AA’s anyway to take Swift Creation). It was quick, the cape looks nice enough in an appearance lot, and it’s worth a lot of exploration AAXP for players who haven’t actually been to all of the zones in question yet. Good holiday all around.

  2. stargrace says:

    I already have the apartment… =x I’m happy with my vision! Or whatever they give me actually, lol.

  3. Lishian says:

    Vision of the void! Why couldn’t they just give us what we really want from that expansion: the apartment or the class hats?

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