Deadly Dragons

There is nothing quite so majestic as a dragon, nor as terrifying or exciting. Nothing that I have found in my travels, in any case. Yesterday as myself and the human monk traveled through the frozen lands of the Western Wastes we happened across such creatures. Many of them in fact. It does not matter how many of the great creatures you either slay nor admire, each time they will give you reason to pause in your tracks. The monk acted as though he had a personal vendetta with each and every one of the creatures, tearing at them with his hardened claw-like weapons. Myself, I watched from a distance. While I did not have anything personal against these great creatures nor was it my place to interrupt

Yesterday was spent working on the druid 1.5 pre-quest for the most part. It was actually not too bad, involved a lot of foraging which I sort of assumed. The drops were not quite as rare as forum posters made them out to be (at least for me) and on our way through the Western Wastes (since servers had been taken down for 6 hours just prior) we came across 6-7 fabled dragons all lined up in a row. Of course they all dropped nearly the same thing, a fabled talisman, but it was still nice to be able to partake in some of the fabled activities without having to elbow other players out of the way. 

After completion of the 1.5 pre-quest I decided to begin working on the actual quest itself. I didn’t get very far though because when I approached the Lake of Ill Omen where I was to spawn three Goblin Foragers – they spawned directly inside of a wall. They didn’t path, and I had no way of reaching them. Instead of bothering support with my epic woe’s I decided to call it for a bit. Frustrated? Sure, slightly.

Afterwards with some guild mates we decided to work on the PoR missions that reward spells and auras. I felt pretty much useless as my druid has 10 levels of spells lacking (that I can not find in the bazaar at all, not to mention with fabled season well under way spectral and ethereal parchments are more difficult to obtain) so I sat around and tried to do what I could and not die, which is always a bonus. Afterwards we headed off to another mission in North Ro, where I ended up looting some piece I shouldn’t have because the same person needs to turn in all four pieces. This was not mentioned in the mission any place and I couldn’t have really foreseen it, my night ended on a some what sour note in any case. 

On the plus side, today is Friday! I hope everyone has an amazing day and finds themselves in awesome stories with mighty battles. Most of all, I hope you all write about it, because I certainly love reading it. 

See you in Norrath – or where ever I end up this weekend!

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