New Zones, New Gear

There were a lot of wars going on, and that was pretty much the extent of what I knew about this zone my group decided to travel to. It was fun to watch them all fighting with one another – not so fun when we were after a specific race in order to get some quest drops. We ended up giving up after a few hours of unsuccessfully killing eye stalkers in order to get their skin to drop. You would think that every eye has skin, but alas such was not the case. 

The day was spent playing EverQuest and exploring zones I’d never been to. The druid managed to hit level 73 and then I started feeling nostalgic for the necromancer so I logged over to Minxes for the remainder of the evening. My two partners in crime and I decided to try to work on getting ourselves a few bits of fabled gear – a lot of it is too difficult for just the three of us to trio, but there were some drops we could certainly go after. Our first stop was Plane of Earth, which I had been to a few times before. We managed to get Aerrem the shadowknight 2h weapon that drops, and we got a number of the fabled rings (screen shot down below) for the enchanter, cleric, and necromancer. A nice ranged item also dropped for the enchanter, and another fabled ranged item for the monk. Once we’d gotten our fill of pretties from Earth, we headed to Plane of Water – which I had never been to before at all. 

The zone is beautiful. Schools of fish that swim through the water made it feel so life like, as plants and other living organisms go about their business with ease. We decided to try and get the shadowknight swarm weapon to drop, so we went to work killing sharks. Lots of sharks. While we were killing, an Australian raid came through on their way to an encounter.  Our fabled shark happened to spawn right when their mass of 20 people decided to swim through. Things got messy, and laggy. Not fun. 

 In the end the shadowknight did get his fancy sword, and I also got the fabled drop that allows me to work on an upgraded version of the gate necklace. It was a lot of fun and hopefully everyone had a good time. 

I’m not sure what other fabled spawn, but I believe we’ll be looking into it. The encounters are up for a month (approx) for the 10th anniversary, so there should be lots of time for people to get the items that they want. The ring on the right is a fairly common drop, we ended up spawning the fabled that drops it 3 times in the hour or two that we spent clearing the outside of earth. There were a few other groups in the zone but I’m not sure where they were experiencing at, I didn’t end up seeing them.

It’s been wonderful to see everyone in game lately. A lot have returned to check out the festivities, and that reminds me! Some time I really want to buckle down and do the new quests that were added. If you do all 16 of the god ones, you’ll get yourself a shiny new roboboar which you can also turn in with a mount for a faster version. I don’t exactly care about the speed of the mount, but I would like one just so that I can sit and regen mana and still cast. Not sure if I’ll get all 16 of those quests done, but it’s a nice thought and a project to work on some time. While you work on the quests you also get a lot of potions, and about 32,000 plat since each quest rewards a bit. 

We’ll see how that goes though. In the mean time, I’ve got to get back to work. Safe travels!

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  1. Tipa says:

    Ugh, Desolation in Prophecy of Ro. I died a little each hour I spent there.

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