LoTRO ‘Welcome Back’ Weekend

Kasul and I had been talking a bit about playing LoTRO – or rather, I was talking about going back to the game because the little bit I had played was not nearly enough time, and because when I had activated my account, it was smack dab in the middle of my adventure to San Diego and I was quite busy doing a million other things. However, I tend to bounce around games and play more then one at a time (especially since it relates to my job) and I have a lot of time on my hands (typically, minus the two weeks of deadlines I have hanging over my head). Anyhow, I was talking about picking up another game. I’m currently playing EQ full time, and I have EQ2 and VG on the sidelines but there’s nothing really drawing me to them right at the moment. Especially with the new RMT headed to Vanguard. 

I am still playing EVE, but I know I probably won’t stick with it. Nothing against the game at all (I have future posts coming as soon as I find the time to write!) but it’s just not going to hold my attention long term. There are 10-day ‘come back again’  WAR trials (for people who have closed their account) that I’d like to take advantage of some time (I enjoyed that game but was enjoying other games more, so I cut back due to subscription prices). I’m playing Hero Online for a review I have upcoming (F2P so nothing to worry about cost-wise there) and I also still want to give AoC a shot, but again I’ll have to find time for that. I love playing with friends (even though I know I infuriate them with my game bouncing, most are used to it) so anyhow! Kasul and I decided we would play LoTRO – or at least I would reactivate my account, and he would try it since he hasn’t played. 

We decided to start playing on Thursday, and we decided this a few days ago. 

I happen to check Twitter today and saw a post about how Turbine is holding a Welcome Back weekend from March 26th-31st where there will be free game play for former players (who have an account in good standing of course) and a +25% bonus experience boost on mobs you kill!

You can read about the ‘Welcome Back Weekend’ on their site here, and in the mean time – wow is that a sign or what! It really floored me that it starts on the exact day that I was planning on re-activating my account to begin with. Yes, I’m pretty excited about this. 

NOT that I plan on giving up my other games or my adoration of them any time soon, but it’s still always great to get things for free (which reminds me, I should activate WAR for my 10 free days some time.. maybe..) 

Hopefully I’ll have time once all my current articles are completed to post some in-depth bits on my own site. In the mean time – back to work I go!

2 Responses to LoTRO ‘Welcome Back’ Weekend

  1. Thanks for the tip, I haven’t heard about this – you’d think they’d want to let the people they’re welcoming back know about the welcome, especially since their patcher takes a long time to do its thing.

  2. Vlcan says:

    I can’t wait to visit Middle Earth again. I am going to create a new character and try the new beginner experience. Woots!

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