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I love my necromancer, and one of the reasons would have to be because of swarm pets. I have a lot of them. I can call forth armies of undead to vanquish foes, and block everything from sight – like I’ve shown above. Once I was done playing LotRO it was time to head to EverQuest for a few hours before bed. We headed back to Sverag, Stronghold of Rage to continue working on getting an augment to drop for Aerrem. Because this zone is filled with conflict, well. Some times it breaks. It breaks often in fact. Last time we were there the invading force came and some how we got stuck in the middle of their conflict and then the named that we needed stopped spawning. When we headed to the zone this time the war had already occurred and the undead were in possession. 

We stayed for about two hours and then the wars started again, the Drachnid were invading (I believe) so we decided to play it safe and camp out in case we were to ruin some important battle going on. Knowing my luck at least something would agro from across the zone and I’d find myself staring into the eyes of something that wanted to eat me. 

I was feeling pretty tired and wanted to read for a bit before bed (which I never actually got around to doing) so I called it a night – once I cleaned out my bags of course. The blasted augment still has not dropped.

Ninga managed to ding level 84, which is fantastic. Minxes hasn’t dinged past level 80 yet, but I’ve been focusing a little bit on her aa, and I haven’t been playing her steady since I switch some times for the druid (who is at level 73 currently). Kameeko is also close to dinging 80, she’s sitting at level 69 right now and about 45% through it I believe. There are some days where I simply don’t feel like boxing, so I haven’t been playing her. Then there are days I want to gain some aa (which all gets put into her crafting currently, because I’m trying to max out all of those) and I should just simply try to level her. 

Not sure what’s planned for today, but I hope everyone has a *fantastic* Friday, and stays safe.

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