So That’s What it’s Supposed to Look Like

New video card arrived in the mail today, and I’m REALLY happy with it so far. I boosted up my settings in EQ2 and headed to Lavastorm, which is notorious (especially of late) for its lag. There were only 60 people in zone, but I ran around on the settings in the screen shot with no issues at all. You can find the bigger version of it here. Honestly, even if things didn’t run better, I am happy just not to have those trees staring at me any more. That was creepy. 

I also downloaded the 7 day free trial of AoC today, though I haven’t given it a whirl yet I plan on it. Tonight, it’s LotRO – I think. Today has been an up and down sort of day. So many highs and lows. I don’t expect things to calm down until April 15th, so I’ll be counting down the days until everything passes. 

Happy gaming!

2 Responses to So That’s What it’s Supposed to Look Like

  1. openedge1 says:

    I really want to try EQ2 again since I have settled down from my MMO malaise.
    I just wish they would offer a free comeback soon…I would like that.

    Maybe you could keep us posted on that?

    And cheers for the video card. Love mine, but they just came out with the 4890 with some extra FPS, so I might have to trade my 4870 with my son…hehe


  2. Yeah that was me too, when i upgraded to my new PC and Vid card, i got the Nvidia GTX9800 PCIE 512DDR3, and the first day i was playing eq2 i was like ahhhh i didn’t know thats what it looked like and now i am a screenshot junkie, i run settings a the highest there is for eq2 and i am amazed everyday.
    Amazing difference and i’m glad i upgraded.

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