Unlikely Companions

The trio stood together in the Wailing Caves, which had been home to Lord Ree for a number of years now. His patrollers stood no match for the conjuror, coercer, and assassin as they made their way through the dark tunnels. The orcs were not the only ones to inhabit this area, it was home to other foul creatures with too much time on their hands. Was it some sort of twisted fate that saw these three adventurers gather together at the exact same time in the exact same place? They were after all, strangers to one another. Whatever had caused the phenomenon, it would be remembered by those who visited the caves that day for some years to come. 

Finally had some time to play EQ2 last night (woohoo) and since I’ve popped in and out of the game the last little while, I was at least (some what) refreshed on what I had planned for my characters. First, was trying to get my (2nd) coercer to level 80. Right now she’s sitting at level 78, and part way into it thanks to a few shard runs last night. It was interesting to see if I had forgotten how to complete the instances, but they seemed to go smooth enough. We completed all of the ones in the Commonlands, gaining three shards. That brings the mystic’s collection (since she already owns three pieces of T1 and two pieces of T2) to a whole 6 – I have a ways to go. The coercer is currently holding on to 19 shards – since she’s not level 80 yet I haven’t bothered to make anything with hers. Who knows what sort of gear she’ll be wearing by then and what I’ll actually want to upgrade (or not).

I decided it would probably be easier (and more fun) to get to level 80 by leveling up an alt and mentoring then it would be by questing. My reasoning is that the coercer receives 50% bonus experience due to the number of level 80’s already on the account. Grinding experience even at the low levels of 1-20 netted me about 10% in two hours. Now – I know that may seem horrible, but the higher up (closer in levels) the alt becomes, the more experience I’ll gain for mentoring. It’s an interesting experiment in any case. Though now that my alt is level 20 I’m contemplating deleting and creating a different class. I know, so indecisive!

I contemplated heading to Lavastorm to complete the new quests there – but – imagined it would be fairly busy, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to deal with that again right now. 

Short term goals? Getting the (2nd) coercer to 80, working on void shard gear, and crafting (my 2nd carpenter is only level 38 – go figure it’s the coercer, my 1st carpenter who is already 80 is also a coercer. On another server though). 

Long term goals? Working on epics (still haven’t bothered getting the mystic’s completed), upgrading spells, and playing alts (as always).

I hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday, I’ll see you in Norrath!

2 Responses to Unlikely Companions

  1. stargrace says:

    I do so love the new card – anxious to head to other zones and take oodles of screen shots. Using the void beast one as my desktop teehee. Looks great in the center all framed. /geeks out.

  2. Tipa says:

    Your screen shots are so amazing now!

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