Halls of the Forsaken

The cloak pictured above is a quest reward for one of the Commonlands TSO dungeons – the image on it is new, at least to me, I’m fairly certain that the graphic used to be of something else.  I love seeing things revamped like this. Thanks to Wpus for modeling it for the screen shot. He’s been having a lot of fun adjusting his colourful outfits lately. It’s nice to see so many new options in EQ2 as far as gear goes, even without dye. It has taken a little bit to get there but it’s coming along. 

Since last night was LotRO night, I didn’t have a lot of time to play in game. I did managed to get the Commonlands instances done for shard updates though with my mystic and coercer – and the coercer managed to ding level 79 at the same time which I was really happy about. While we were defeating the final boss in Halls of the Forsaken, we stumbled upon an interesting body drop. It was the head of Gynok in a crate (fabled item). Apparently not all of the trophies come from raid instances which was a great surprise to me. EDIT: Or, and this is probably the more likely culprit – the raid version of Gynok and the instanced version for some reason are sharing the same loot table for this particular trophy, and that’s why it is dropping. Ack! Well, glad I got one in that case!

Of course, my guild on Kithicor doesn’t have a guildhall at the moment, and we don’t have one of the player crafted bases to attach the head to yet but it’s nice to have this trophy waiting for when we do get those things. I’m sure we will even if it takes a bit of time. 

Today is the day that the new station market items get implemented. I think the costs are fairly reasonable, and they’ve been a long time coming. You can rename your character for $15. You can change their gender and appearance (though the barber shop already changes appearance for a gold) for $15. You can also change your character’s name, gender, and appearance for $25. 

I’ve already written about these new SC items over here, and I really don’t think that it’s going to be as big a problem for keeping track of ‘bad eggs’ that some forum users made it out to be. There are always preventative methods and just good common sense when it comes to recruitment. On that same note – I DO wish that the automated server transfer service had been restored instead of implementing these new automated gender and name changes. The service has been down almost a year now and it’s very frustrating to deal with the petition system and days of waiting for the transfer to take place. I understand there’s only so much manpower and there’s always lots of things on the ‘to do’ list and my list certainly doesn’t match those of the SOE employees, but it’s a little personal wish of mine none the less.

Once I had completed the three instances with Wpus, it was time to spend the evening in LotRO which is experiencing it’s own number if bugs and issues lately. It was still a nice evening, hanging out with good friends always makes things much better.

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  1. Maromi says:


    I’m pleasantly surprised by the prices of these new potions. =)

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