Me Tog!

(A random role player started talking to me in Darklight wood after I’d created a character there specifically to delve into a story of some sort. I have no idea who they were, but I just wanted to say thank you for reminding me why I love these games, and why I play. Whoever “Metog” is – again my thanks if you ever read this, hope they don’t mind me using quotes of our conversation).

How she came to be in Darklight woods standing in an outpost of some sort was a story for another time. All that mattered was the ‘now’ of the moment. She was teamed up with an Arasai who she had known for quite a few years and though the two looked like a highly unlikely pair, they worked well together. 

As she spoke with the various commanders, her attention was drawn to an Ogre who was hopping about on one foot. He displayed none of the typical fear (or something that vaguely resembled hunger) when he looked at her and her winged friend, but sat himself down on the ground, smiling and drooling slightly. 

“Heddo liddle people,” He said, a grin crossing his face. The Teir’Dal and the Arasai looked to one another some what bemused as they introduced themselves in turn. 

“Gud name. Me am Tog. T O G.” He said, drooling even more. 

The Teir’Dal only half listened as a Commander rushed up to her to give her more orders, her shoulders sagged slightly. She waved a hand impatiently at the Ogre who was rambling away. 

“You dog? Well you don’t look much like a dog but if that’s your name then so be it.”

“No dog, Me Tog. Tog eat dog though, yum.”

She tried to pay the ogre the attention he deserved (could it even be said that he deserved attention?) much like one would with an unruly child. She warned him about stepping on the smaller folks who were gathered around as he clamored to his feet. 

“Tog on step if Tog told to step. Blue people tell Tog an Tog do.” She found this intreguing. He was taking orders from someone, obviously. There must be a reward of some sort as well, so she tried to figure out what that was. Perhaps this was some mastermind test set up by her family, a trap for her to get her back home.  “Den dey give Tog nice tings.”

Or maybe not. Maybe it was just greed. 

“Food an sharp tings to smash stuff wit.”

Or survival. Either way, the Teir’Dal couldn’t be bothered with finding out more at the moment. She had things to do, and as always the night refused to stand still to grant her enough time to finish her tasks. She rambled off some excuse to be on her way, and motioned that the Arasai should follow. Medog Metog frowned a little, and moved out of the way of the pair. “Tog like to smash.”

Throughout the rest of the evening, the dark elf heard Metog’s voice muttering about one thing or another 

“Scuse me. Blue people need ta make big doors.” he said once as he tried to bypass the elf entering a building. She sniffed in distaste but said nothing and gave him a brisk nod. For such a large creature he sure got around. There were other, more pressing matters to attend to that night but for some reason the image of the Ogre crouching through doorways and trying to catch fish with his bare hands wouldn’t leave her for the rest of the night and she walked around with a smirk on her face for no reason in particular.

2 Responses to Me Tog!

  1. Lishian says:

    Is that Sloth and does he eat rocky road ice cream?

  2. Hudson says:

    I made an Ogre Necro one time and RP’d him like a total moron. I got a lot of laughs out of it. One thing I love about EQ2 is the ability to make the absolute worst race/class combos.

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