Coercer 2.0 hits 80, Instances, and.. more Instances!

Yesterday was a mixture of real life with some gaming which of course made for a perfect Saturday. There was the announcement that Free Realms was sending out beta invites, and then a mass amount of shopping that involved a wii fit, and a nintendo DSi with a few games (used, and cheap!) and other random goodness before I settled in to game on Kithicor.

I had so much fun I don’t even know exactly what we did. I know we started off with our usual Obelisk run (and again no shield – that one dagger and crusader shield that drops has dropped enough to outfit a small army by now) followed by us attempting to solo some TSO instances – this time Lavastorm. We did pretty well in Najena’s Hollow Tower, we defeated the gnome by burning down the bombs (I charmed a warlock pet, MUCH fun!) and then moved on to the djin water elemental named and once we figured out how to do this with three people it worked out just fine. Honestly that’s as far as we needed to get anyhow, there’s a cloak that drops from that particular mob that Wpus is looking to get, and it was nice to know we can trio him. 

Afterwards we attempted Deep Forge, but that zone is a little out of our grasp yet. The coercer was inching closer to 80 (hovering around 70% experience for quite some time) so we completed the three Commonlands void quests mentored – and then since we had no lock out for Cavern of the Afflicted, we decided to gather a group together and complete it the ‘big kid’ way. 

I wouldn’t be playing the coercer for this, just the mystic. So I took the coercer to East Freeport and purchased 15p worth of collections . Finally!

The coercer (my 2nd, and 3rd enchanter) managed to hit level 80. She had 40 void shards waiting for her that I’ve collected over time, so it was no trouble to have my mystic craft her almost the complete T1 set. I know a lot of coercers complain that the set is not that great, but when you don’t raid and are still wearing mastercrafted, it comes in handy. Plus it looks fantastic (screen shots some other time hopefully). Despite the fact that I love being able to charm things I am contemplating betraying her over to an illusionist. The group buffs are much more suited for my play style. I’m not certain yet, it will depend on whether or not I can track down a sage. 

I also spent some time talking with Troy  from Emerald Tablet who happens to play on the Kithicor server. Was nice to say hello after ‘speaking’ a few times on twitter. 

Afterwards I wasn’t quite ready to call it a night, so we decided to head to Vaults and see if we couldn’t get another praetor’s guard to drop. Granted, it’s taken us a good 20 tries to get the one to drop that we actually got, so I didn’t hold much hope. Good thing, since it eluded us once more. Maybe next time!

Before I knew it the clock was telling me it was 2am and I had to get up at 6am Blast those enjoyable evenings! Today is Easter Sunday and I’m looking forward to a great dinner with family, I hope everyone else has had an amazing weekend thus far, and enjoy yourself, where ever you end up spending your time!

See you in Norrath!

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  1. Ogrebears says:

    Wow i don’t remember the graphics looking that good. At least the horses.

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