Party Time!

The news spread like wildfire, and people started joining in faster then halflings eat pie. Kiara from the community team held a party last night on Kithicor to celebrate EQ’s 10th anniversary – the screen shot is shoddy because with over 200 people in the zone I had to turn down my settings and even then I was looking at the ground most of the evening as I delt with 5fps. I love these type of events, and I make it a point to attend. Not only do I spend lots of time bothering Kiara on twitter, but it’s great to show support for these sorts of things so that they happen in the future. 

Ice cream trucks were set up for those craving a fancy treat, and there was trivia with prizes as well as lots of goodies handed out including a music box that plays music you may remember if you ever played EverQuest. 

Nearing the end of the party – Nagafen made an appearance and started battling party-goers. Since most of them had begged and pleaded to have the mighty dragon there to begin with, it was no ones fault but their own. The scent of faintly baked skin hung heavy over the party for the remainder of the night. 

The fact that the Kithicor party coinsided with my own birthday was great, I just pretended everyone was there for me even if no one said a word or knew who I was. The imagination is a wonderful tool.

Aside from the party, my trio has expanded some! A friend of Wpus has decided to start playing EQ2, and though he’s on a trial account currently he plans to upgrade. Ultann also decided that the recruit a friend program is the perfect way to start boxing a 2nd account. If we can level both of these characters up a little while we’ll have a full group of 6, which would be great. Ultann created an inquisitor for back up heals and buffs – not to mention they have verdict. I’m not sure what the newer player is going to use yet, he was enjoying his necromancer and his assassin last I saw. 

We did a quick Obelisk run last night again with no shield. Actually had a few deaths too, it just felt like an off night. 

I also decided that I would betray the coercer over to illusionist and spent most of last night purchasing very expensive spells. My sage is over on Najena. Ah how I wish they’d allow us to transfer characters for free just for a short while. Wishful thinking!

Aside from that, it was a quiet day, and a quiet night. Today will involve more of the same since I have no deadlines to meet this week for work, which is great. Still trying to pick up another freelance job (or two) but it’s slow going so I’ll just have to be patient. Hope everyone has an amazing day, no matter realm you find yourself in!

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  1. Kiara says:

    Mwahahahahaha! I love it when my minions flock to worship… Err… I mean when all the groovy people who play our game come to hang out. Yeah, that’s it.

    The parties are a blast and I have so much fun doing them. I’m really glad that people enjoy having them.

    And happy birthday again :) Post birthday wishes are just as important as birthday wishes.

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