Recruit-a-friend goodness

Yesterday the trio veered off of the path and did something different for the evening. While we would typically be headed to Obelisk, Vaults, and Najena – this time we hung out in Fallen Gate and Runnyeye. Ultann is partaking in the recruit-a-friend program and leveling up an inquisitor to play with the group. I decided that I would also sign up for a month and level up a fury + my paladin who benefits from the 200% bonus experience when they’re together. 

Here was my thinking – you get a free month added to your account when your recruit purchases the game (up to RoK) for $15. They get all sorts of neat claim items, and you get a mount. I can use the 3rd account to level up my characters – and at the end of the month I can simply close the account. I am not out any money so much as I am purchasing next months subscription now. Does that make sense?

If I happen to grow attached to the fury (or whatever else I create on the account) I can pay the $50 for a character transfer later. Since the recruit-a-friend account does not come with TSO it does limit what I can do but the experience is amazing especially since it’s linked with an account that still has lower level characters on it. I created a fury last night and paired her up with my paladin who was level 38 by the time our trio decided to take a break in RE – the fury managed to ding level 31 in the remaining two hours that I played and the paladin also benefited from the experience, leveling to 41 while she was mentored. 

It will be nice to have a second tank around for those days where Ultann simply wants to be DPS and it’s a lot of fun going back to the older zones that we haven’t been to in a while. Another reason why I wish that zones wouldn’t grey out to people. 

We have hopes of attempting some level 50 raids with our make shift group, I have no idea if it will come to pass or not, but it’s been fun to talk about which instances we want to try to do. There’s the Trembling Lagoon and other raids in Ferrott, and then there’s also some talk of doing prismatic 1.0 for appearance slot weapons and I REALLY want to do the Godking weapons which people call prismatic 2.0 – and then there’s claymore which we’d still need an actual raid for. It may not be too bad though as pick up raids are frequent on Kithicor (so many people trying to out do one another). In any case, we’ll just have to see!

Today is FRIDAY and I hope everyone has an amazing time – oh! Don’t forget that Fan Faire registration has also started!

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  1. As a recruit, I really love all the perks that I get – notably a 24% runspeed cloak for all my characters which stacks with everything. Not entirely sure why just us newbies who got a fellow blogger to send us an invite get the goodies, but the runspeed has been very nice.

  2. Tipa says:

    omg I totally forgot about my prismatic weapon for the appearance slot!

    *rushes into game*

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