Alts are Expensive

Alts are expensive. I know if I devoted all of my time to one character instead of the … 20 I have now, I’d probably have a lot more money in game. Not to mention moving servers would be cheaper, and my house would be the most impressive thing this side of Norrath. I’d also probably be fairly bored, because anyone doing the same thing day in and day out is bound to get boring eventually. 

I’m not the only one with a whole lot of alts. I’ve tried cutting back and all it results in is more alts being made. It’s a vicious circle. 

Yesterday I got the recruit-a-friend mount that grants members in my group a 10% bounce to experience so long as I’ve got the mount buff on. Great idea. I’ve named the horse “gassy” I’m sure you can guess why. The mount is also 55% run speed, which is great. Plus, it’s heirloom which means you can place it in your shared bank for all of your alts to use. Another big bonus since you can only claim one. 

The paladin is now sitting at level 46, and the new fury at level 42. Last night Ultann took his baby inquisitor and we all headed to Obelisk of Lost Souls which is my favorite zone in the game because of how twisted and dark it is. We gained access to the lower levels, and it was a lot of fun (and surprisingly empty for once). Today I will hopefully quest in Everfrost until the boys log in and then we’ll decide what we’re doing from there. 

I spent 15p last night outfitting the two characters which I knew would happen sooner or later. While I could certainly make it to level 70 without purchasing anything at all for them, I can’t solo that way realistically. I outfitted them both in tier-appropriate gear, and bought all of their spells at least adept1 quality, a few adept3 and M1 where the cost was right. They’re not twinked by any means, but it should be more then enough to get by. I wish Kithicor had a better ‘small’ population, people below level 60 as it were. I know the role play servers are bustling with activity, and I wish all the servers shared that enthusiasm but alas, they do not. Kithicor’s main population spends their time whining about how uber they are compared to someone else and shooting down those who are not as good as them. It seems like every single person I examine is decked out in fabled, and makes me wonder what ever happened. Alas, without a merge or a server transfer (which I can’t keep splurging on) I’ll remain there (for now). Fingers crossed for one of these two events happening in the future though. 

Over all it was a nice night. After I shopped I decided to call it an early night and got some sleep. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Safe travels.

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  1. stargrace says:

    Depends, I don’t solo, I group with two other friends and we try to take down heroic content in a trio (plus boxed alts) rather then a full group – if that’s your thing, then yes it makes it really difficult.

    But if you’re only interested in doing solo content and not tanking heroic instances then everything else works out just fine. :)

  2. I see the “can’t solo without mastercrafts” comment a lot from established players on the forums, and I don’t really understand it. I don’t think Lyriana has ever had a Mastercrafted piece of gear in her life. She does get Adept III’s of her damage spells (excess loams get turned into Ad III buffs, the rest stay at AP IV) – I spend a fair amount of her time crafting to make this possible.

    Can I solo even con heroics? No, not really. Can I solo even con solo content? Yes, though I will concede that it gets a bit dangerous if you’re in an area where it’s hard not to get attacked by additional foes as you fight, especially if you need to kite. Can I gain an adventuring level per evening session by taking on blue content that I can handle? Absolutely. And I don’t have your exp bonus for existing level 80’s or that shiny new RAF mount.

    Is there really some whole other side to the game that I’d get to see if only I dropped everything to run around harvesting until I had enough rares to have a full MC gearset made?

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