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I had a lot of other things to get done yesterday, so I didn’t play for more then two or three hours but I did get a lot accomplished thanks to Ultann and Wpus. Before I ended up crashing for the night I saw Ultann’s inquisitor reach level 71 which was just fantastic. My paladin managed to hit level 67 (or was it 68?) and the fury is 64 (I believe). We ran around BarrenSky and did various KoS (Kingdom of Sky) instances including The Nest, and Vaults.

Vaults typically drops a legendary class hat of some sort from the final named but alas our luck with master spells and loot has been absolutely horrible and we saw neither. I have no idea if it’s just a bad streak or what but we haven’t gotten any items in a very long time. Instead a symbol dropped that has some defense and parry on it so I snagged it for the paladin and gave up her bow.

I’m looking forward to starting RoK quests and getting some gear and coin rewards. Then there’s also the mass amount of TSO shards I’d like to gather in order to outfit her in her T2 shard gear. That will be a slower process, but I’ll get there eventually. Amassing Adept3/M1 for skills will also take a lot of time (and money) but I’ve found that unlike most MMO’s I actually enjoy tanking in EQ2. Maybe it’s just because I’m comfortable with the game, or maybe there’s some other reason, I’m not sure.

Once I level the paladin up it will be time for my warlock and dirge to take advantage of the recruit a friend (on the same account as the paladin). I wish the bonus experience worked for quest experience, though I suppose that may be just a little over powered.

Today I’ll be playing LotRO during the day with Kasul who is off work, so I won’t have any EQ2 time until later this evening. I hope to push the paladin to 70, and get the fury a few more levels as well. We’ll see! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend.

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  1. Ysharros says:

    I know you’ve probably mentioned this 23 times but I’m going to ask the lazy no-searcher question anyway: what server(s) are you on?

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