EverQuest II Hotfix – April 21st

EverQuest 2Hotfix April / 21 / 2009
The friends list on the welcome screen will now ignore offline friends if that option is enabled on the community window.

The 4-piece bonuses on the Paladin, Monk, Berserker, and Defiler Shadow Odyssey raid sets have been improved.
The Lycanthrope Bracelet’s effects in PVP combat have been slightly lowered.

One of the lists of names for the Task “Hidden Agenda” could appear in an unreachable spot on a bookshelf. This has been fixed.

Elemental bosses in Ward of Elements now drop non-stacking encrusted gems. The encrusted gems can be unpacked to yield stackable elemental gems. This change allows the gems to be split between players when dropped.

Also remember all those new items are coming to the station market some time today, so be on the look out.

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