Rule of the day – Avoid the Kinship Keg

Yesterday I had some time to play with Kasul on my little rune-keeper. He managed to get an invite to Casualties of War (Thank you Ethic) and with that came a visit to the Kinship house in the shire. I learned something very important. Don’t drink from the Kinship Keg.

I took a sip, innocently enough. Just one sip. Before I knew it, I was passed out on the floor with a blurry image of Kasul hovering over me shaking my shoulders – and when I woke up I was in Tyrn Lhuig – Angman. This is a high level zone, at least higher then me. I was laying in a field surround by mosquito and when I managed to get my feet under me one of them came along and easily bonked me on the head. Of course my recall was down because I’d just used it, and guild recall was down.

Needless to say Kasul had an easier time of it and when he revived at least he was not too far away. Even though he was also unceremoniously dumped in a field some place. I guess that will teach both of us.

I paid the repair bill and we continued questing. The rune-keeper inched her way through 15 and most of 16 before I decided to call it a day. I didn’t get any crafting done, but I am sure I’ll manage to find a little time to work up the cooking and jewelcrafting.

I’ve already done all of the quests before on the other server with my minstrel, but I’m having a lot of fun with the rune-keeper. It’s interesting to make sure I align myself properly for either healing or dps depending on what I’m doing and who I am with.

The goal is to reach level 19 and be able to play with the Nostalgia who are still waiting to transfer, and work on my crafting. It’s a slow process but it’s been a lot of fun. Once we’re all there and settled it will be great to see some new sights, as I’m getting a little bit tired of running the same quests that I just did last week when I leveled the other character.

I was also happy to learn that I must have miss read the cost of housing. While it is still expensive, it’s not something that’s going to be completely out of my price range later on. I do want to purchase a home (seeing as housing is one of those things that I just enjoy doing) and I’ve been collecting a few house items to use once I get one. I’m not sure which area I’ll move to yet, but I’m thinking of avoiding the shire – since the Kinship home is there and my elf is constantly hitting her head on the low ceilings.

3 Responses to Rule of the day – Avoid the Kinship Keg

  1. Kasul says:

    The party keg is totally not cool. They make you think it’s all benign and happy with the initial buff, then they hit you with the depants-ing and transport to Angmar. Who knew the dark lord was such a party animal, huh? At least in EQ2 the party keg only makes you dizzy and sick for a half hour, in this game drinking can KILL!

    Loving LotRO, such a great game, even if the party keg was a dirty trick :-X

  2. Stropp says:

    Heh. That keg is a killer. I was lucky just to wake up in the Bree Jail — can’t remember what I did to end up there — and still had my pants on. Other have reported losing theirs. I’m not game to try it again, not keen to wake up in the middle of Angmar after making a drunken boast to solo the Witch King. At least not at level 36!

  3. Pete S says:

    If you ever want to visit a small ‘lived in’ house in the Bree neighborhoods, give me a shout (Aethgar or Meglivorn). I can show you my little cottage near the waterfall.

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