Instances and Sleep

With all SOE games being down for a few hours yesterday I didn’t play a great deal. Last night the trio (with me as my 73 dirge and 80 mystic) headed to Crypt of Agony which was surprisingly fun even at level 72. I was hoping that Cardiocutter would drop because we’ve yet to see it drop, but alas my luck holds as true as ever and we saw nothing of use this run. After we decided to head to The Anathema in Everfrost. The bard picked up a new pair of earrings, a new charm items, and Ultann’s healer picked up a few goodies as well.

Aside from that, the day was fairly uneventful and my mood was sour to boot in a typical-Monday-but-not-so-typical-for-me mindset. Ended up calling it an early night and getting some much needed sleep after getting only  4 hours the previous night. I hope everyone else had an incredible day.

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  1. Kilanna says:

    Completely agree with you Stargrace.

    IMHO Deep forge is NOT all that easy a zone – speaking as a healer.

    I have run Deep Forge and Najenas Tower together with the same group and there is a SIGNIFICANT difference in the intensity of healing. The mobs in Deep Forge really do hit pretty hard.

  2. Blackluck says:

    Thanks for the reply. :)

    We are mostly lacking in the DPS department. (E.g. my dirge will parse about half what he does when I play only him).
    Either I need to get better at boxing, or we need to find a live third person to join us. :)

    We don’t typically pug, so it does take a long time to tackle heroic content. We can do RoK zones and trash in TSO. We are similarly geared (with no meaningful masters). Guess we’ll have to try some different strategies … (our repair bills certainly have gone up lately as we tackle different things ….)

    I also agree that dirges are great fun! Probably my favorite class. I don’t think I would betray though and then back again…. I don’t like them THAT much :P

  3. stargrace says:

    For the TSO instances, we were taking myself as an 80 illusionist and 80 mystic, an 80 conjuror, and an 80 SK (to trio them + box) The conj and SK are sporting their T2 TSO gear, I have T1, they have their epics (non-mythical) and I am just using some legendary stuff. :) Nothing too impressive. I have adept3’s of everything, they have a few masters – conj has master pet.

    Though I’ve switched out to the dirge instead of the illusionist, less stuns, but I enjoy the class a lot.

    Power regen, stuns, and DPS are always our main concerns. The fights tend to last a LONG time because of the decreased DPS as a trio. We can’t trio Deep Forge, the hammer named is too hard, I find that what others consider “easy” in a full group – is NOT what is easy as a trio. The two Everfrost instances Anathema and Scion of Ice are the “easy” ones, as well as the Obelisk in Moors (Easier then all of the other instances in fact).

  4. Blackluck says:


    Color me impressed …
    Do you mind me asking what classes are you doing the TSO zones with? I seemed to have missed that.
    My SO* and I have been trying with a berserker, fury and boxed dirge. We’re going to add a conjuror to the mix and see how that goes (my SO just started two boxing.) However with the first three classes we can’t kill the named mobs in the TSO zones. (I’m not playing either the ‘zerker or the dirge optimally boxed, which may be part of the issue. ) We’ve tried Deep Forge and Scion thus far, but since these are suppose to be the ‘easy’ zones we haven’t bothered trying the other ones. Zones and bosses that require scripts are out too with just the two of us.

    *SO=signifcant other

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